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  • Mon, Mar 16 2009 6:30 AM

    • jase010
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    Exception: std::exception, what:IsKeyable()\coresw\ame\src\CompMan\AParamitem.c216

    I've just upgraded from 3.1.1 to 3.5.

    I loaded an existing project double clicked on an existing timeline and I'm being asked to promote effects (color correction) so I do and this is the error I'm getting (above). Also tried not promoting and get the same result. Any Ideas?


    I've already tried to repair sequences & delete the MC state but no joy.

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    • mjolnarn
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    Re: Exception: std::exception, what:IsKeyable()\coresw\ame\src\CompMan\AParamitem.c216

    and, of course, your system specs ............. ?????

    Mac: 17" Macbook Pro i7 2,66 ghz with 8Gb Ram, 500gb 7200rpm drive___ PC_NEW Win10 Pro Mbo Asus Rampage IV Black CPU Ivy Bridge-E 4960X ( = 12 x 4... [view my complete system specs]



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    Re: Exception: std::exception, what:IsKeyable()\coresw\ame\src\CompMan\AParamitem.c216

    We were having a similar problem on a 3.0.5 system.  Not sure if you ever figured this out, but we traced it to a corrupt Sapphire effect.  Recreating the effect fixed the problem.

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    • Marianna
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    Re: Exception: std::exception, what:IsKeyable()\coresw\ame\src\CompMan\AParamitem.c216

    Welcome to the Avid MC Forum, Jase010 and FFFearlesss!

    Errors that can crop up in your MC installations are usually related to your computers.
    To help anyone suggest reasons for your problems, they need to know more about your computer.

    Please add information in your Profiles about your computer system.

    Some of the very important things that are needed are:

    Version number of Media Composer.

    Details about your Motherboard - Maker/ model number etc.

    Details about your Graphics card! Maker/ model number/ Card memory size/ Graphic cards driver number.

    Details about your Processor. Maker/ model number/ speed

    Are you using onboard (included with your Motherboard) sound? or do you have an extra Soundcard? Maker/model number.

    What version of Quicktime is installed?


    Do you have any USB peripherals installed. e.g. Web Camera, Graphics tablet etc ?  If so, which?

    There are more things that can help, but I have tried to list things in, what I imagine, is the order of importance.

    How do you add the information to your profile?

    Go to the very top of this page and you should see "welcome YOUR NAME (sign out)"

    Click on "YOUR NAME"

    Now you are on the "About YOUR NAME" page.

    On the left side of the page you should see OPTIONS - EDIT MY PROFILE.   Click on that.

    You should now be on the "PORTFOLIO" page.

    Click on the  "PROFILE OPTIONS" tab.

    There you will see, among other things, a box for entering your SYSTEM SPECS.

    After entering the information about your SYSTEM, scroll down the page and click "SAVE"!  Yes


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