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  • Wed, Jun 2 2021 7:21 AM

    • Joshua2009
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    Avid to Resolve losing metadata

    Hi, can someone explen to me why i preprer a avid project in ONLINE 

    with transocde or consolidate clips to DNXHR or DNXHD every metadata of the clips are OK


    when i go to RESOLVE ( by aaf ) and import the aaf to the RESOLVE 

    all the matadata of the clips are missing 

    like camera names ect...


    i work in PC with MC 2021.5 + RESOVE 17.1


    Neek your help if it possible.



  • Wed, Jun 2 2021 10:48 AM In reply to

    • LDV20
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    Re: Avid to Resolve losing metadata

    I was told by another editor that there was a problem with Avid sending Resolve in aaf.   This is only here say so i am just informing you.  I know RESOLVE had some bugs witht he 17 release.  I won't update until I am told that alll issues have been resolved between avid and resolve's update to 17.  Again you need to reserach this as this just what I heard.

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  • Wed, Jun 2 2021 11:12 AM In reply to

    • Joshua2009
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    Re: Avid to Resolve losing metadata

    Hi, thanks for your answer 

    yes the big issue in the matadata from avid to resolve is 

    that the information of the camera + lens are missing in the RESOLVE but in Avid this info is OK. 

    So it is very big issue why it happen 


    Need help 


  • Wed, Jun 2 2021 12:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Avid to Resolve losing metadata

    The test I do is to import the AAF into a different AVid system and see if the metadat is present. If it is then it proves its in the AAF. In which case its resolve failing to import that data.

    For sure in the past metadata has passed to Resolve fine as its very common to round trip via Resolve from Avis. So it looks to point to a bug in the current version.

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    • touviere7
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    Re: Avid to Resolve losing metadata

    bunch of improvements with studio 17.2.1 released today...


    worth a try...

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  • Thu, Jun 3 2021 1:59 AM In reply to

    Re: Avid to Resolve losing metadata


    when i go to RESOLVE ( by aaf ) and import the aaf to the RESOLVE
    all the matadata of the clips are missing 

    I am also have a PC with MC  2021.5 now with Resolve 17.2.1

    Are you on local or shared storage?
    When you export do you choose to embed the media in the AAF? Link to the media (from the Avid MediaFiles\ folder? 
    In Resolve you have options to show additional metadata for the clips. This is something I have not tried yet, but to better utilize Resolves 17's colour management I will be looking into this.

     bunch of improvements with studio 17.2.1 released today...

     worth a try...

    The only AAF  mention of issue addressed in 17.2 and 17.2.1 is "Addressed incorrect linked audio names in AAFs for round trip" workflows.

    Here I have PC with MC with local storage, MC 2021.5 and today with Resolve 17.2.1


  • Sat, Jun 5 2021 4:58 PM In reply to

    • Bruno M
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    Re: Avid to Resolve losing metadata

    I've been aware of metadata issues for a number of years between Avid and Resolve.

    The traditional workflow of...

    1) Link to camera rushes in Avid and transcode to create proxies (eg Dnx36)

    2) Edit with proxies,  Export linked AAF to Resolve.

    3) Import AAF into Resolve, linking with camera originals

    ... has worked pretty well for years, so some metadata (like source file names and tape/reel numbers) have come across. 

    However, I've been aware that certain other bits of metadata haven't come across. In particular, the practice of creating 'avid-friendly' proxy media in Resolve has revealed certain metadata fields not being retained. In the cases I was involved with, RAW files were brought into Resolve, strung-out on a timeline and exported as individual MXF OP-Atom files, which can go straight into the Avid Mediafiles folder. On examination in MC, these files lacked a lot of metadata, (such as TAKE, SCENE) and crucially, the source file name & path info. This caused issues exporting the final AAF back to Resolve, as the vital source file info was missing.

    The solutions we found were as follows...

    1) Add the option 'assist using reel numbers' in Resolve, which adds a populated 'REEL' metadata column (extracted from the original RAW footage metadata)

    2) Export as MXF OP-Atom and bring into Media Composer. This adds the 'REEL' metadata into Avid's 'TAPE' column

    3) From the String-out timeline in Resolve, export an ALE (Avid Log Exchange), bring this into Avid and relink with the proxy media. Additional metadata items (such as TAKE/SCENE) now exist.

    I can't say that any of the camera metadata you were seeking was there, since we were not concerned with these fields.

    As for your problem about bringing certain metadata back the other way to Resolve, this has also been an issue that has been discussed in the past. One option would have been to export an ALE from Avid and import into Resolve, except that as far as I'm aware (and this has been a feature request for years) this is still not possible.

    Certain clever people have been experimenting with scripts that can convert ALE info into something that Resolve can read, but I don't know of anything came of this work.

    Others have suggested trying to convert the AAF into an XML and bringing this into Resolve. I think I remember some experiments with using Premiere to do this conversion. Not sure I was keen to try this myself as it just adds another layer of complexity to the whole relinking process that I could do without. However, it might be worth it in your case if you were just using it to extract additional metadata, rather than for the actual conforming process.

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