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  • Sat, Jun 1 2013 4:52 PM

    • Guillaume
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    Issue to relink modified MXF

    Dear all,

    I'm working on a feature film right now. I have a nice dailies workflow with MXF DNX36 coming from DIT guy.

    All is crystal clear and blazzing fast to sync and edit but today I encounter an issue : the DOP asked the DIT to make some color correction on a sequence. The original sequence was MXF files I already started to edit. He gave me a new disk with the new grading with exact filenames, TC but without tape name, like the original ones, and with, of course, a new creation date.

    So I closed Avid, deleted the 2 database files, replaced the new MXF in the numbered folders as usual, and launched Avid : then all was offline.

    I can play the new MXF through the media tool but I cannot relink them: I tried to uncheck/check all paramaters according to my logic.

    What I did is to get old MXF files from a backup and it works, but I cannot use the new graded ones.

    Any ideas ?

    (I'm using MC on OSX 10.7.5 and I'm wearing a black shirt)



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  • Sat, Jun 1 2013 8:13 PM In reply to

    • Marty
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    Re: Issue to relink modified MXF

    Normally, Avid relinks via Tape Name / Source File Name & Timecode.

    In MC 6.5 you can also relink via different Metadata, you could modify the Camroll column for example and relink via Camroll.

    Did you do Subclips of all the rushes? If yes, you can relink these subclips to the new masterclips and all the sequences relink automatically.

    If you simply want to change the grading you can relink the subclips to the new (or old) masterclips by selecting these masterclips and relinking with "Selected items in all open bins" 

    I hope that helps, sometimes relink issues can make headache but 6.5 made things much easier.

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  • Sun, Jun 2 2013 10:41 AM In reply to

    Re: Issue to relink modified MXF

    I'd have the DIT redo them the proper way, ensuring you get a tape name. You don't want to start off with messy metadata.

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  • Mon, Jun 3 2013 9:36 AM In reply to

    • janusz
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    Re: Issue to relink modified MXF

    I second Job's reply - the metadata needs to be correct.  Have you tested the conform workflow?  Footage needs to be identified by timecode and source, the source can be a tape name, original filename or reel provided that the combination of TC and source uniquely identifies the footage.

    The catch here is that you are being supplied with Avid-ready MXFs.  The MXF filename is always disregarded by Avid, it instead uses a unique ID stored in the MXF called a Mob ID for the source and master clip.  These are unique, which is why you couldn't drop in replacement files, even if the filenames match - the Mob ID will be different so the old footage goes offline.  This is the key to the solidity of Avid's media management.

    These Mob IDs carry through only to AAF exports and there are only very few software packages that use it for conformation.   Depending on the source footage and workflow the MobID is either derived from the UMID (universal material identifier) which is present in XDCAM or P2 footage, or randomly generated for other sources or if the software doesn't understand UMIDs (eg. Resolve).  Unfortunately the UMID from which the Mob ID can be derived is not as generalised as it could be (not all cameras stamp the footage with a UMID, and not all conform software uses it) - so it can't be used end-to-end.

    This leaves you with few options for exporting an edit list at the end (as an AAF or EDL).  You may be able to use the source clip name - but you need to make sure this doesn't change - and even then as renamed sub clips will be edited in this probably won't work.

    This all seems rather fragile to me.  You need to insist that the MXF has source information (typically as a Tape) and test your end-to-end workflow.  In this way, at the end of the edit you can easily export an EDL/AAF which is certain to work - and you won't have trouble with your relinks.


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  • Mon, Jun 3 2013 10:22 AM In reply to

    • Guillaume
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    Re: Issue to relink modified MXF

    Thank you all for the details, particulary to Janusz which enlighted me about MXF metadata.

    The DIT is working with Fireshoot. He's looking if he could make further changes.

    For the conform export I tested with Panavision and it work according to the MXF filenames so we'll just provide corrected MXF and not older ones, it will work. I still hope ! :)

    Thanks again.

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  • Mon, Nov 17 2014 8:19 PM In reply to

    • rubefink
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    Re: Issue to relink modified MXF

    I'm fairly new to Avid and I'm a little unclear on the process of replacing an updated MXF. Can one of you walk me through this process. For example in my situation my colorist has given me a clip exported out as MXF from davinci I have been working with it in Avid but now have to replace it with an updated clip that was recolored. How do I replace the original with the new MXF clip?

  • Mon, May 8 2017 6:30 PM In reply to

    Re: Issue to relink modified MXF

    So this post is really old, but wondering if you ever found a solution for this? I have a friend who is in the same situation. He received MXFs from davinici but then the DP decided he wanted a different LUT applied and made him make new MXFs after he had already synced the footage. Is there a way to relink to new MXFs from Davinci?

  • Mon, May 8 2017 6:53 PM In reply to

    Re: Issue to relink modified MXF

    Let me get on my soapbox for a second. DPs are tyrants. looks created on set under conditions that are never optimal for judging color (Stress. temperature, ambient lighting, fatigue, hunger all of which are proven to screw with color perception) do not replicate the viewing experince in the theater area waste of frickin time.
    That much being said, they could just create a lut and send that to you to apply in source settings.
    The alternative would be to simply copy the original clip name in each column to the tape id name in all clips then relink.

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  • Mon, May 8 2017 7:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Issue to relink modified MXF

    Yeah I've heard of those DPs. I have been fortuanate enough to work with DPs that set their looks ahead of time and my Davinci to Avid workflow has been great and quite flawless. I actually don't like using LUTs in Avid, they have caused lots of weird issues for me over the years.

    That being said, I have never been in the situation of having to link to remade MXFs, so wasn't sure how to help my friend out. I had him try doing tape names, tape IDs, disk labels, everything. But it isn't recognizing the new MXFs as being the same. I found a forum that talked about putting that info in the metadate of the MXF in davinci, which I think is the key step for linking to remade MXFs, so I told him to at least do that from now on in case it happens again. Just wondered if there was some other small trick we hadn't thought of. Here is a link to that forum in case someone in the future needs it: 

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    **Update*** After about the third time re-indexing the files finally linked. So must have just been some internal problem with avid not reading something.

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