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  • How can I disable Ripple Trim when I navigate between clips with hotkeys?

    Hey there, pros. I first learned Avid on ExpressDV and got very accustomed to using the "S" hotkey to advance to the next edit & the "A" hotkey to move to the previous edit. End of story. I've been on Media Composer since version 5 and am now working on 8.9. One of the minor...
    Posted to Media Composer | First Forum (Forum) by TJ on Tue, Oct 9 2018
  • Cannot get Pro Tools to Record

    Last December I purchased a home studio package that included a computer, a Scarlett recording interface, a couple studio microphones and Pro Tools software. Up to now I have just been using Garage Band to record because for the life of us we can't get Pro Tools to pick up a recording. Everything...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by mattimalminsk on Tue, Jul 24 2018
  • Technical question about the project creation for specifically sized film.

    Hello Community, I am new to this site and the Avid system in general, but I hope you could provide an answer to my question. I am the lead Compositing (2D Animation feature film) that is going to be edited on AVID. Now, to provide the editing department proper files, I find myself with half-half solutions...
    Posted to Film and 24p (Forum) by Marc Konings on Wed, Mar 21 2018
  • link selection toggle button stuck

    my link selection toggle button seems to be stuck in the 'on' position. when i try and click it off, i get a message that this button cannot be changed. it stays like this in the source and also in the sequence window. but if it stays on, then editing is impossible. i'm pulling my hair out...
    Posted to Share Your Experience (Forum) by Fabz on Mon, Jan 8 2018
  • Customizing the interface

    Hi, Is there a way to change the color of the highlight bar on top of each window? I don't see that option in the interface settings. Also is there a way to make just the timeline background brighter/darker. Not the whole Avid interface, just the timeline, like we used to do with old versions of...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Martin V on Thu, Nov 2 2017
  • Importing & Exporting with best resolution for 1920x1080 videos & photos

    Hello, I'm fairly new to avid , and would like to know the best options when it comes to importing and exporting high resolution videos and photos to get the highest quality results. I am using avid media composer 8.9.2. I have a canon 5D mark IV, and I am using a mac, and the videos I have taken...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by NM on Sun, Oct 29 2017
  • problem with moving user settings

    I have already read a lot about user settings. I know where to find them, how to copy and paste them manually, hot to export and import them inside Media Composer. But I still cannot manage to move them to another work station the way I want it. At work we have many different work stations so I would...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Christian_D on Thu, Jan 5 2017
  • Quicktime Export Settings Window missing

    Hello Community, Customer showed me today an issue with exporting QT out of MC 8.5.3. Same as Source works fine, but when trying to choose a Custom QT setting, clicking the Settings button does not bring up the QT Settings window…HUH? OS 10.9.5 on a 5,1 Mac Pro Tower Dual Monitor QT X and QT 7...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by jwingate1979 on Fri, Sep 30 2016
  • Re: User Settings and ISIS

    Hi folks - I realise this is a very old post but I manage 6 edit suites at our offices and would like to be able to have shared user settings in a place on our Avid ISIS server. Can anyone tell me how I tell all the avid suites to look in a location on the ISIS rather than locally on the computer HD...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by SV Editor Oxford on Wed, Sep 7 2016
  • Optimal settings for HDV to DVD

    Hello out there - Quick for-what-it's-worth: I am new to MC, having used FCP 7 for years. I've decided to try Avid instead of getting FCP X. I am using Media Composer 8.4.0 The project: I am editing a 4-camera shoot of a mock trial. This was a live event, continuous for 2 hours and 23 minutes...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by Hurdling Bob on Wed, Jul 8 2015
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