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  • Time for a "Replace Clip" button?

    When working on effects heavy timelines, what slows me down more than anything is how long it takes to replace a clip which has effects associated with it. With many effects I can step in an change the shot (which slows the Avid down in the processes). But with things like Symphony CC effects, Motion...
  • Re: Subclips with Motion Effect

    Hi all, this is still an issue 18 months later, on MC 7 & 8. Many scripted shows shoot offspeed and then need motion effects to bring them up to realtime playback, with synced audio. As soon as a subclip is created of the motion effected shot, all reference to the motion effect is lost, other than...
  • 2997 footage in 2398 sequence

    Hey Guys Searched the forums and google and couldn't really find a solution that was viable, was wondering if anyone has any insight on this. We have a show we're delivering in 2398, we have footage shot 2997, So of course when its brought into a 2398 sequence there is a motion effect applied...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Lenny V on Thu, Mar 21 2013
  • Motion effects on media composer 6

    Hi everyone: I wanted to find out how to make the slow motion effect more fluid / smoother i.e (slow effects you will see in music videos) please see links to see what i mean Thanks a lot in advance...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by daguest on Sun, May 13 2012
  • Motion Effect Help!

    Good day. I'm currently searching for a very nice plugins for AVID MC 5 that can achieve the same performance of Twixtor of Adobe After Effects in smooth slow motion effect. Or is there a Twixtor plugins for AVID MC? I want to achieve something like this using my Canon 60D.
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Kevin Lawrence on Sun, Oct 16 2011
  • removing jitters from 29.97 ftg loaded into a 23.98 project

    I'm working in a 23.98, SD project to eventually be reloaded in HD and go out to 23.98 HD. All of my original material is 23.98, but it's a feature documentary project and I'll be incorporating quite a bit of tape-based, 29.97 archival footage. I've already loaded 20+ hours of 29.97 footage...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by ebnett on Tue, Jun 28 2011
  • Ayuda Motion Effects??

    Hola... soy nuevo editando y lo que quiero hacer es poner un logo a pantalla completa que despues se aga pequeño y se traslade a la esquina posterior izquierda y ahi se quede por el resto del video... para esto tambien necesito tener activo el matte key para que sea transparente el contorno.....
    Posted to Foro en EspaƱol (Forum) by estradation on Tue, Jun 14 2011
  • HDV Motion Effect Errors

    Hello All, I am getting a new error and not sure how to solve. I am doing an HD online finish and I have clips that were shot in HDV format. They have been brought in with no problems but some have specific motion effects on them that will not render and therefore do not play correctly. I have tried...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Twelvemonkey1 on Fri, Jun 25 2010
  • Creating Deko Power Clips

    For Deko 3000 Version 5.0 software or higher: Follow these easy steps for integrating Deko Power Clips into your graphics. Create stunning video effects like multiple, moving headshots and animating treatments like traveling flares and specialized light sources. PowerClips are integrated clip effects...
    Posted to Avid Community Tutorials (Forum) by Teicia on Mon, Jun 8 2009
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