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  • Dongle Not Working (Retina 5k, 27inch, 2017)

    I was given a dongle by my producer. Its a version 8.0 and works well in his 2018 MacBook pro runing mc 8.9.1, it also runs in 2 of my laptops runing mc 2019.8, one of my macbook pros is 2015 15inch the other one is mid 2012 13inch. The problem is with the iMac Retina 5k, 27 inch, 2017( iMac18,3) , where...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by luiszaratustra on Wed, Sep 25 2019
  • AVID Media Composer perpetual and subscription changes

    Hello to everyone here! AVID sent an e-mail to Media Composer users notifying them that their perpetual, dong and subscription systems will change after May 30th, reccommending to all users to update their MC to the latest version. Currently I use MC version 2018.7.1, running under OS X High Sierra....
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by Paolo Pallestra on Mon, Apr 15 2019
  • Routine for upgranding from MC 5.5 to 8.0

    This is a general question about preferences and when to decide to upgarde. MC 5.5 is on my desktop and I didn't upgrade to 6.0 because I was working on a long term project and didn't want to disturb anything. I also have MC 8.0 (8.5) on my laptop used it a few times for class or personal projects...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by screenplays on Sun, Nov 25 2018
  • more core vs more speed

    Hi dear MC users. I'm just starting to learn AVID MC and I need help. if it's not hard for you, advise me which option is better for editing in Avid MC in 4k: macbook pro with 16Gb Ram and 6-core 2,2 GHz i7 or iMac Quad-Core i7 3,6 GHz with 16Gb Ram ?
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by sonysharp on Tue, Aug 28 2018
  • Avid supported imac config

    Hello, There is maybe already an answer to this somewhere but I haven't found it and would really appreciate some feedback. I need to get a new imac (not the expensive pro model, but a modest little imac). This one is on sale, but is not listed as an Avid supported model. Could anybody tell me if...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Ryder on Mon, Apr 16 2018
  • Media Composer 8 crashes when starting up

    I upgraded from MC 5.5 to 8 in Dec 2016. I had no problems with my occasional use last year, but now it crashes when I launch it. At first it stopped with "Initiating MCState" at the bottom of the window. After following some of the tips in this community, such as deleting the MCState, settings...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by Dennis on Wed, Jan 24 2018
  • Avid wrong start timecode on DNxHD 36

    I'm a lecturer at a film trade school, and reasently it has apared a reacuring (7 sepearate instanses) problem when relinking offline files. I did some diging into some of the projects and traced the problem to Avid reading the start timecodes of each clip as 00:00:00:00 and not the original "time...
    Posted to Community Issues and Suggestions (Forum) by Andreas.Lie on Wed, Dec 6 2017
  • Which new iMac? Advice please

    Hi I need to purchase 4 more iMacs for additional edit suites asap. We currently use 21" iMac 14,3s [3.1Ghz i7] with a Dell 1080p bin monitor and BM mini- monitor connected to a Toshiba client monitor. We use ISIS 5500 and most work is HD or 2K ProRes or Proxy resolution, currently running MC8.6...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by nigelad on Tue, Nov 28 2017
  • 2017 iMac, OS X 10.12.5, retina

    needing to update a couple sytems that have fallen out of date in every way imaginable. originally planning to just "fix" the Mac Pros with a new clean install and new parts but this latest 27" iMac release has me thinkng differently. realize it's only been like 10 days but wondering...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Dino S on Thu, Jun 15 2017
  • New iMac Pro December 2017 Time to move from a trash can?
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Pat Horridge on Tue, Jun 6 2017
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