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  • Re: Closed Captions?

    Just figured out a workflow on Avid Media Composer 7 PC + Caption Maker Pro We need to send XDCAM mxf files with CC to DMDS, that sends it to broadcast tv stations. So export sequence via Output - Export to device - XDCAM (settings : 50mb, 24bits) then on Caption Maker Pro : open the mxf file import...
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by Jessy Fuchs on Wed, Feb 4 2015
  • Closed Captioning and Subtitles

    Can anyone tell me what, if any, types of captioning and/or subtitling files Avid Media Composer 6 can accept? Specific file types I am interested in are: .scc, .stl, .stt, .edl. Thanks!
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by jknechtly on Tue, Feb 21 2012
  • Export Video to QT and retained existing Closed Captioning

    Anyone ever needed to export to Quick Time and retain the existing closed captioning that was digitized with the video? is this possible? Do I need to have a third party software that recreates CC? After Digitizing video, play back from AVID retains the CC and is displayed properly on monitor. So it...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by rjsprockets on Fri, Mar 25 2011
  • Closed Captioning

    Hey there everybody, I might be tasked with doing all the Closed Captioning for an up coming project. We were farming it out but now its going to fall in my lap. My problem is I have never done it before and not sure how to go about it. I need to know about software and hardware options for acomplishing...
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by ryguy on Tue, Jun 8 2010
  • Closed Captioning Question to All

    Dear Avid Editors and Developers. I have used Avid Express 3.0 through to 4.5.3 Meridien PC since 1999 to produce a Canadian Weekly Spiritual/Entertainment/Variety Show. If interested see at Now we have to do Closed Captioning so I contacted Avid, my reseller & friends in the Biz...
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by BuddySinghToronto on Sun, Sep 13 2009
  • Re: Closed captioning woes

    capnd, I am wondering if you got any help with this issue. I, too, have a .scc file that I would like to add to the DVD, but Avid DVD by Sonic only seems to accept subtitle .txt files. Hhave you found a way to use the .scc file? Jim
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by JP Edit on Tue, Feb 10 2009
  • Closed Captions

    I want to insert changes onto an HDSR closed caption master - and maintain closed captioning. I've done this plenty on a Symphony in SD, but now I want to do it to my 1080i master. I've done a few searches to confirm it will work - but all I've found is various posts from 2-4 years ago saying...
    Posted to Avid Options Forum (Forum) by zebostoneleigh on Wed, Mar 26 2008
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