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  • Connecting MBox to a MacPro

    Does anyone know how to connect an MBox to a MacPro? Is there a way to get from firewire to Thunderbolt?
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by dreamcat on Fri, Jun 10 2016
  • 2nd Gen Mac Pro and Unity

    Is it possible to connect the 2nd generation Mac Pro (black dustbin) model to Avid Unity? I believe you can connect to an ISIS using the ethernet port but I thought you needed to connect to Unity using a fibre cable. Could someone clear this up for me? Many thanks in advance.
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by simonreglar on Fri, Mar 4 2016
  • MAC PRO 3,5 GHz, 6-Core. Is this a good configuration?

    Hi, I want to buy a new MAC PRO and I would like do know, if somebody has experience with this configuration: MAC PRO 3,5 GHz 6-Core 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) of 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC 512 GB PCIe-based flash storage 2 AMD FirePro D500 GPU G-Speed Studio external RAID-5 with 12TB - Will this be enough power for professional...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Edit Jack on Mon, Jan 25 2016
  • Which Mac to buy?

    Hello All! I am looking to purchase a Mac which will give me smooth full screen at full resolution editing of 4K video in Media Composer and have tested out simply adding 4K and HD (1920 x 1080) footage into the timeline and viewed them at fullscreen but on both the machines below, I get choppy playback...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by persyst on Fri, Apr 10 2015
  • Upgrade Information

    Currently we are running Media Composer 5.5 and are wanting to get the subscription program and upgrade to the latest version. Trying to get information on whether or not my computer would handle it, whether on Avid's spec pages or through support seem to be fruitless, so maybe someone on here could...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by jkhorton on Wed, Jan 21 2015
  • Mac Pro Specs for AVID MC

    I was told by the Apple store that the Mac Pro I bought will run AVID. After looking at the system requirements, I'm concerned. Based on the specs of my mac below, will I be able to run AVID MC? Thank you in advance for any and all advice! Mac Pro Late 2013 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 16 GB 1867...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by EgonS on Wed, Jan 21 2015
  • problem 8.2 and 7.xx with decklink sdi

    I'have the problem during capture mode.the error is "avid capture blackmagic no input signal present".During the start of the capture the signal is discontinuous (black and after the image). Before I'work with AMC 6.5.4 and the blackmagic driver 9.9.3, but now it's don't work...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by arimvideo on Mon, Oct 27 2014
  • Title tool trouble. Font is not remembered

    I'm having difficulties making adjustments to titles. Whenever I add new text to an existing title (also in the same textbox), the font setting of the new text automatically changes into 'geneva' as soon a I start typing. This has been the case as long as I've been working on a macpro...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by phenomania on Tue, Jul 1 2014
  • Help! Wanting to order/build a Mac Pro...

    I'm going to order a mac pro today and want specs that would be adequate for the latest Media Composer but at the same time won't be obselete in a year without breaking the bank. So, what would you suggest (minimally) with regards to processor, memory and storage? Thanks! Steph
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Spyder1999 on Sat, Jun 21 2014
  • 4K AMA Editing on Macbook Pro 15" 2013?

    Hi, I'm just starting a new project which is going to be shot in a 4K and invovle a lot of croping and I am hoping to take full advantage of the FrameFlex tool in Avid 7.0 whcih requires AMA linking to the original source files. I'm going to be shooting 4K 10-bit pro res on the Black Magic Production...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by doc_maker on Wed, May 7 2014
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