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  • Another quick glance - Nesting a BCC Filter in AvidFX

    I have never really had to get to grips with the concept of nesting in MC. I have tried it, but I find that AvidFX is easier for me to understand and to control. This little Tutorial shows. in a very simple way, how nesting inside of AvidFX works. HERE IS THE VIDEO TUTORIAL Regards, Douglas
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by marianna on Mon, Nov 7 2011
  • Re: What animation/graphic programs are Avid editors using?

    [quote user="AndrewAction"]As I said before Douglas's Avid FX Tutorials on the site here are a pretty good for starters.[/quote] Thanks for the mentions Andrew. (Sorry I am a bit low on cash just now......) Terry, If you are not in a big hurry, and you contact me, I'll give you some...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by marianna on Tue, Feb 8 2011
  • Tutorial: Fit to Fill in MC5 - Corrected

    Well, the blanking during my renders that were shown on the first version of this "Fit to Fill in MC5" raised a question on the MC forums. I decided to try and find the problem. It was my monitor set-up that was causing the problem. A new wide screen monitor and a mis-matched 2nd monitor with...
    Posted to Avid Community Tutorials (Forum) by marianna on Wed, Jun 9 2010
  • Tutorial: What Filters should I see in my Effects Palette?

    It is quite easy to forget which filters you had originally after installing Media Composer and which filters are new ones that have been added after installing 3rd party applications. Hopefully this short Tutorial will help you decide if your installations have succeeded or not. Regards, Douglas This...
    Posted to Avid Community Tutorials (Forum) by marianna on Sat, Apr 10 2010
  • Working with Vector-based Objects - Basic Explanation

    When I was adjusting the vector shape in my Tutorial on creating an out of body effect, I realised that not everyone using MC is at home with vector graphics or the control of them. For that reason I took a very basic look at the tools available in the Animatte Key Effect and how they can be used to...
    Posted to Avid Community Tutorials (Forum) by marianna on Thu, Dec 10 2009
  • Using Animatte and 3D-Warp to create an "Out of body" Experience.

    It all started with an email I received from a Forum member asking how I would go about creating an "Out of Body" effect. At first I thought all I would have to do would be to place two video tracks above each other and adjust the transparency. Of course that did not work as both "bodies"...
    Posted to Avid Community Tutorials (Forum) by marianna on Wed, Dec 9 2009
  • Hold a Dissolve at 50% for a set Time

    I saw a thread on the Avid MC-PC Forum asking if there was a way to create a dissolve that would stay still for 8 seconds when it was halfway! I never tried that before, so I was inspired to get started and make a video tutorial to answer the post. Now, just under 2 hours later, I have uploaded the result...
    Posted to Avid Community Tutorials (Forum) by marianna on Mon, Sep 28 2009
  • Introducing Particle Illusion

    About 2 years ago, when I was still using Avid Liquid, I was having such a tough time climbing the learning paths to Boris FX and Boris Grafitti (I had bought them as alternatives to the more expensive After Effects) that I searched for a cheaper easier to learn compositing programme. I needed to make...
    Posted to Avid Community Tutorials (Forum) by marianna on Thu, Apr 2 2009
  • Handwriting Revisited

    Unfortunately my emphasis on using a continuous stroke while masking out the handwriting in my original tutorial on this topic gave the wrong signals. AvidFX is not limited to 1-stroke in this case. Multiple strokes are quite feasible. This follow-up tutorial is to show that multiple strokes can be used...
    Posted to Avid Community Tutorials (Forum) by marianna on Sat, Mar 21 2009
  • Handwriting Effect with AvidFX

    Making text appear to be written onto the screen can be easily done with the Paint Effect. However the text that you write with a mouse or even a graphic tablet can leave a lot to be desired. This tutorial shows one method of using a standard Handwriting Font as your base for the effect. Good Luck.....
    Posted to Avid Community Tutorials (Forum) by marianna on Sat, Mar 21 2009
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