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  • Avid nexis log file for deletion

    Hi, Is there any log file for deletion from workspaces inside nexis storage ? i know from interplay logs can find the users who delete media files using avid applications , but i need to find out who deleted files using windows explorer ? any help that would be great. Nexis Version :
    Posted to Avid NEXIS | PRO (Forum) by johan on Tue, Aug 20 2019
  • Background services log/history

    Hello, I have been transcoding some material in the background and may have switched projects/shutdown MC; the history of transcodes is no longer there. It is important, since some cards constantly come up with at least one Error clip during transcode, which has to then be done in Davinci. The background...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Nikkr on Sun, Nov 22 2015
  • Markers in Logging Mode - Setting Out Point

    Hi, I am having trouble setting an out point when creating a marker in the logging pane. By default the columns has an in and an out column; but when you select create marker it doesn't give you an option to set an out point. Avid 7 has spanned markers which allows this. Just seems odd that they...
    Posted to Avid MediaCentral Forum (Forum) by mmaxwell728 on Tue, Apr 7 2015
  • DPX Conform for HD Outputs with a side of 4:4:4/4:2:2 & Linear/Log confusion

    We occasionally receive graded DPX files from outside colorists which we then conform on our Avid DS 10.5.2 for output to HD. This is probably going to be happening more regularly. Recently I saw some strange gamma shifts happen which I attributed to 4k DPX being relinked within a 4:2:2 Sequence (instead...
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by johnny vodka on Fri, Jan 30 2015
  • Re: MC 7.0.2 Show Bin will state bin is not in project

    Update. I have no verified that bin logs on many bins are not even being created, period. Many bins have .logs from many months ago. If I delete said .log file a new .log file will not be created. Revealing the bin will sometimes work but often the case continues where avid states it is not in the project...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Stieber on Tue, Jan 21 2014
  • Alexa LUT using Avid Color Correction

    Arri Alexa LUT Color Correction Effects Click the link to download. Extract the zip file and open the bin in your Avid project. Apply the Color Correction Effect on an Alexa logC clip or put it on an empty track above to view the footage in linear space with gamma and highlight roll off. Legal maps the...
    Posted to Avid Community Tips (Forum) by rebusfilm on Thu, Dec 1 2011
  • Tape Logging>Digital Media Workflow Transition... Advice?

    Hey there! I wasn't sure what forum this should go in, so this seems like the most appropriate. I apologize if that's not the case. I work for a company who has been using Betacam for high volume (think 150+ ten to 30 minute videos in an 8 month span) automotive training videos, including beaty...
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by rsandelius on Tue, Nov 30 2010
  • Organization help!

    Hey there just wondering if anyone can help? I am looking for the best method to organize and capture footage taken from a shoot. Although i know this is a matter of personal preference some of you may come up with a better solution down to our circumstances. The problem at the moment is the shoots are...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by bennyb on Tue, Aug 5 2008
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