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  • How can I change the AMA Plugin used to read the clip

    Hi, I have an Avid Media Compose 8.4.4 I used to use the Mediareactor plugin to read the clips from the sony A7SII, but I only used the one month free plug in. No It appears the watermark. So I bougth a new AMA plugin from Sony. But whole project is linked to the first AMA plugin (Mediareactor) How can...
    Posted to Avid Link (Forum) by spilraul666 on Fri, Aug 23 2019
  • AMA Validator win : Fail

    Hi I'm writing because the validation of my plugin fails despite that Media Composer (version 8.7.2) works well. The command I issued is: AMAValidator.exe -v PRIMO_Cam_C_0001.blt Results is: File: c:\Downloads\AMAValidator-win-\bin\release\PRIMO_Cam_C_0001.blt [ERROR ] [IMEHost] IACFClassFactory...
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by Francesco on Thu, Mar 16 2017
  • PrefetchSampleRange question

    According to documentation, response from PrefetchSampleRange may be: ACF_OK => Means sample range prefetched AMA_S_ALREADY_PREFETCHED => Means sample range yet prefetched What about if plugin is busy ? There is a way to tell MC to request newsly the prefetch later for the same start sample ? I...
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by Francesco on Tue, Mar 14 2017
  • Network flow doubled

    Hi in these days I noticed by accident that network flow generated by plugin is doubled. I map a network drive with some clips and AMA linked a clip from it. Then I start to play the clip with full quality ( requested image scale is 1.0). My material has a flow rate of 100Mbit while playing a clip with...
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by Francesco on Fri, Feb 24 2017
  • AvidOPFrameGenerator error on link

    We have a lot of systems doing XAVC-S linking now, but we have one OS-X system running 8.6 that is getting a 'AvidOPFrameGenerator' error when we try and link files from any Sony camera. I cannot find any information on this error, but I am beginning to think it might be an installation issue...
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by on Wed, Sep 7 2016
  • MVP MSP Plugin with encrypted audio

    Hi I am facing the problem to import some clips that have crypted audio with variable lenght and variable size. How can I tell Media Composer to let me get and decrypt audio samples ? How can I activate the sample provider interface for audio ? There is a way to do this ?
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by Francesco on Wed, May 18 2016
  • Re: Relinking/ Uprezing sequence.

    Perchance, in the Avid Bin do the master clips have metadata populated in the "Source File" column? If so... and the "FPS" and "Start" are a match then... I love testing Avid features and a big feature I love to test is different ingest paths, maybe this can help the reconform...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Scott_Freeman on Sun, Nov 22 2015
  • Media Volume Plugin question

    Hi To all in these days I am working on a MAC version of my plugin, and I am facing with media volume part of it. I found that my plugin doesn’t show clips in a mounted volume. In the console window when I mount a volume appears the messages: Link to AMA Volume -> /Volumes/ClipXVolume/ MVP Used...
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by Francesco on Fri, Nov 13 2015
  • [ Plugin Name = MVP_MSP_BLT Avid Plug-In Version = ] could not process /Volumes/OS X/ClipsShared/Italia Got talent_3sec.blt

    Hi to all in these days I'm working on my plugin under mac with OSX Version 10.9.5 using XCODE Version 5.1.1 (5B1008). The Media Composer version is 8.4.2 ehile AMA SDK version is beta. The plugin compile correctly and is loaded from MC. If I give the console command AMA_ListPlugins is...
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by Francesco on Wed, Oct 28 2015
  • Importing mov files into Avid

    Hi all - I have a lot of Canon footage which I thought I could AMA link into my project. The footage opens in QT - H264, 1920 x 1080 16 bit, 23.98 FPS, no problems. When I try to AMA link it in using the Auto detect AMA plugin I get Avid Editor Services are not Running. Please start Services from the...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by witnessdocfilms on Mon, Sep 14 2015
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