Critical Error: Data Store Unavailable

The data store used by Community Server cannot be opened.

Please ensure that your database is online and running and that the connection string in your connectionStrings.config file is correct.

To configure your connection string:

1. Open [Install Location of Community Server]\web\connectionStrings.config

2. Within connectionStrings.config find the <connectionStrings> configuration section below:


        <add name="SiteSqlServer" connectionString="[Your connection string here]" />

3. Modify the value to properly identify your database.

For example, to connect to a database named �CommunityServer� on the current machine with an account �csSystem� and the password �pa$$word12�:

  connectionString = "server=.;database=CommunityServer;uid=csSystem;pwd=pa$$word12"

For more information you can also visit the home of Community Server.