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  • Re: Digitizing for Archive

    If you're willing to upload, look at Azure Cloud storage. Microsoft doesn't charge for upload bandwidth. They do charge for download bandwidth, so be aware of that. Do the math and see what's cheaper - budgetting for the Azure subscription as an operational expense or the initial capital expense of the HDDs, backups, etc. with periodic drive
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by jeryan on Fri, Mar 8 2019
  • Re: MC 8.9.3 ... not on Interplay or MediaCentral!

    Roy, check to see if Access got installed somehow. That should be the only trigger asking it to talk to Interplay or connect to a MI server. Also, this error can refer to the local Media Indexer. Please check to make sure it's running and the Service Framework is not set to a delayed start for the Avid Service Starter Service or the programs it
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by jeryan on Sun, Dec 10 2017
  • Re: MediaCentral - Suggestions

    There's a way to use Data Receiver to ingest logs. You would need a specific SFC file for it and a wire service license for iNEWS. Your system may have an unused one. You set up a share for everyone to save logs to and set Data Receiver to pull from there. The logs come in as wire stories. Avid Customer Care should be able to supply the SFC file
    Posted to Avid MediaCentral Forum (Forum) by jeryan on Sat, Apr 1 2017
  • Re: Inews Action Server and Queue Form Types

    Try assigning the firm's you want to the arsiv directory, and letting iNEWS assign that to ask the subfolders. When folders and queues are created they inherit properties from their parent. So new queues will inherit theformm you want. The action server cannot assign properties to folders.
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by jeryan on Sun, Sep 11 2016
  • Re: List Tool

    Web browsers are usually good at displaying XML. You can control exactly what gets displayed by using an XSLT file. If you Google List Tool XSL you may get lucky; I did not in my quick search. Someone near you may be able to write an XSLT which will give you exactly what you want.
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by jeryan on Thu, Jan 29 2015
  • Re: Scratch a Database

    ATDA,, try this: deactivate the database. Then find the AvidAM folder. It's probably on the D: drive inside Workgroup,_databases. Delete or rename the folder. Then make a new database. Giod luck.
    Posted to Avid MediaCentral Forum (Forum) by jeryan on Tue, Aug 12 2014
  • Re: Create a bin that DOES NOT get checked-in?

    You can't make a bin which doean't check in. That's a aetting your administrator controls. Can you make a folder in Catalogs? If you can, drag all the elements into that using the Interplay Window. Or, change your checkin path to be in Catalogs and check in rhat bin. Then change it back. Your original bin will still go to Projects, but your
    Posted to Avid MediaCentral Forum (Forum) by jeryan on Sat, Feb 8 2014
  • Re: Importing Webm Files..?

    VLC can convert, but you'll need to play with the settings. One you get something that works, it will give you the command line, which you can use to make a batch file to automate the process. Check the VLC forums for advice on converting.
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by jeryan on Wed, Sep 4 2013
  • Re: Background transcode works - Web browser does not

    Check out the full address in IE. You may need to type the http:// or https:// to get Chrome to figure out what you really mean.
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by jeryan on Tue, Jul 9 2013
  • Re: Consolidated AMA clips are offline

    One note - the red dot on a folder (and assets in the folder) indicates a reservation. The red dot in the media status column means offline. A reservation is something Interplay can automatically do to prevent deletion of new media. The setting for the automatic reservation is done through the Interplay Administrator program. You set it in hours. I'd
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by jeryan on Fri, Jun 21 2013
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