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About Joseph Mehr

and his little company : listen to it in french



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Adrenaline MCA 2.8 XW8400 3Gb RAM DNxcel Board, 760 Gb striped SCSI media storage, 1.2 TB 4 X striped SAS 15 000rpm storage.----MC Soft 2.8 + Mojo HP XW8000 bi 3.06Ghz 2Gb RAM SCSI + SATA storage.---- Xpress Pro 5.5 Non certified computer 3.2Ghz, 2 gb RAM SCSI + SATA storage.---- Xpress 5.0 Meridien IBM Intellistation 9333D option SCSI storage.---- Roadworthy ABVB Media Composer 9000 and Xpress 3D Mac 9600 SCSI storage.-------DVCam-BetacamSP-BetacamSX-XDCamHD equipment

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