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  • Workflow Avid with 4k XAVC

    Hi everybody. Need help with 4k workflow. I've AVID MC 8.6.3 and I need to start to make an editing of an documentary. The documentary was shoot in 4k with a SONY FS7 in XAVC-I at 250mb/s of bitrate. So the file are .mxf My Mac is not able to edting this files in 4k, so I cant "AMA" (or... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Emanuele Caruso on Thu, Oct 6 2016
  • Avid-After Effects Workflow?

    What is the most efficient workflow to take media from Avid to AE, add VFX, and then bring clip back to Avid? Without any quality loss. I'm working in Avid Media Composer 6 I believe, shot on a Canon 60D, project is 1080p/2 3 .976, footage is AMA linked and transcoded. Thanks. (read more)
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by BrockH014 on Sat, Aug 15 2015
  • Keeping Avid Effects in a 4K Workflow using Resolve

    Hi Everyone, i've just shot, edited, and delvered an HD documentary and done the whoel workflow in Avid, Resolve, and Soreson Squeeze. My new documentary is going to be shot in 4K Black Magic Pro Res (because I want to a lot of reframing) and is going to be outputed at 2K widescreen resolution, 2048x858... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by doc_maker on Mon, May 12 2014
  • D.I.T. workflow arri & red

    Hi everybody. I've just look 'round by the forums here but i've some difficult finding what I need. As D.I.T. sometimes productions asking me to give an mxf transcode of the footage to the post house, and I just wanna be sure to send the material the perfect way. I'll send an hard drive... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by reflex980 on Sun, Jan 5 2014
  • P2 to AVID Workflow

    Hi, I got a workflow question since I'ver never worked with P2 Cards. I do rent an Apple Mac Book Pro with AVID 6.0 on it. From the company I get an AJA ioXT Input/Output Box. (For what exactly is the box and is it neccesary? Always for P2?) Also I get a Sonnet Qio P2 Card Reader. I record with a... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by sunandsnow on Thu, Jan 10 2013
  • AMA and native editing

    At the moment i am really disappointed how colorful and lovely the announcement was i got from avid… Stop Waiting and Start Working Now! Stop transcoding and start editing RED, QuickTime, and Canon tapeless media immediately Media Composer Software 5.0 - Directly access and edit RED files through... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by denay on Tue, Aug 10 2010
  • Avid Log Exchange and AVID workflow.

    Hello, I’ve a kinda technical question about Avid Log Exchange and AVID. Step 1) I receive ‘XDCAM’ files from the director Step 2) I export ‘Quicktime’ files for the director to spot/log Step 3) I export ‘MXF for NLE’ to import in AVID Step 4) Director emails... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by robmaas on Tue, May 4 2010
  • Import p2 card at 10:1

    Getting a budget together for a post project and need to know p2 to avid workflow. Working on Avid Adrenaline MAC. I know importing files from p2 to avid is approx. half the time of the card. BUT what I really want to know is if you can import the files at a lower resolution like 10:1 as opposed to 1... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Diana Garrett on Tue, Mar 3 2009
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