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  • DS and Media Composer on same system?

    We have DS 10.5, windows 7 pro (service Pack 1), AJA Kona K3, GSpeed eSpro raid drives and media composer 6.5.2. Right now, I just use my media composer to transcode AMA linked footage for the DS, but I have been finding some projects would be better just staying in media composer. So here's my question... (read more)
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by Jason NLC on Thu, Jun 13 2013
  • Dual Boot system & Media composer 6??

    Hi, We have a dual boot system on HP8400xw, Avid Ds 10.3.1 on one boot and Avid Symphony 4.0.5 in the other boot. We work all our productions with Canon 5D files , that is, work with Quicktime h264 files in other Apple workstation with Media composer 5.5 or 6 "with Link to Ama files" or Directly... (read more)
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by emstring on Sun, Feb 12 2012
  • Why AvidDS ?

    Hello! I was just introduced to AvidDS the other day and had some basic questions... - Why use AvidDS? If I already know and use Media Composer and After Effects. - Why aren't the features in DS in updates of Media Composer and/or Symphony? Why do I have to switch over to another piece of software... (read more)
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by Mahbooty on Wed, Jul 6 2011
  • suggestion on hardware set-up for all our AVID needs

    Hi there, I am not sure if I choose the right place to post this topic but I figure since our DS is the most relevant to get right at this stage, that getting feedback from those that are running DS would be the best. OK, so we are very NEW to the DS. So new, that we are not yet officially installed... (read more)
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by Indifilmz on Fri, Aug 20 2010
  • offline and online with xdcam footage in DS Nitris v10

    As a Ds Nitris editor i am used to offline and online my self on Ds. With the Red and XDcameras we bought this process has become a lot more complex and time consuming. The Red workflow we solved by cutting my offline on FCP and converting our files with Discreets WiretapCentral to whatever format i... (read more)
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by baslightyear on Fri, Apr 23 2010
  • DS imports wrong TC on conform

    Hi All, I am attempting to export an AFE of a sequence from Media Composer for Online on a DS. We are using continuous TC generated by camera for log and capture. A separate time of day TC track is being recorded to Audio track 2. We then use "read audio timecode" to convert this to an auxiliary... (read more)
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by kVox on Wed, Nov 11 2009
  • Locators from Media Composer to DS

    Hello there, We are working with avid media composer and need to send our sequence to avid ds. I select my sequence, promote graphics and get rid of matchframe edits before I export as an AFE to avid DS. I am then able to get my sequence correctly into DS and all of my MXF media matches up fine. My issue... (read more)
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by Reeveskl on Wed, Oct 14 2009
  • Re: More P2 questions

    They're shooting to an external P2 recorder (i believe) so i assumed that the footage would be .mxf using the avc intra codec, if not it sounds like they're gonna have a tough job cutting it! So basically if in the cutting room they copy/transcode the footage into their adrenaline (at SD compression... (read more)
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by sionp on Tue, Oct 6 2009
  • Looking for Blu-Ray Burner Recommendations

    Spending that surprise, end-of-the-fiscal-year money, and decided to make the jump to full HD in post. We have enough to buy a new Nitris Media Composer turnkey but not a studio HD deck. Thinking that going with a quality Blu-ray writer ($1K or less -- single disc is fine) to at least export a produced... (read more)
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by Chris Rink on Thu, Jul 31 2008
  • Re: Avid user going to DS Nitris version 7.6

    I consider myself pretty fluent with the DS and I'm currently spending a lot of time on an MC system. The keyboard is really different. Lots of stuff you do in MC with the keyboard may be echoed on DS and you can set up the DS keyboard to be more like the Media Composer but the way DS works is radically... (read more)
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by mhollis on Thu, Mar 27 2008
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