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  • Re: edl manager woes

    I am having the same problem, whenever EDL Manager launches from MC5 or if I just try to launch it from the Applications folder EDL Manager instantly crashes and displays: ""Bus error" in thread "MainThread", at address 0x0" Can anybody help? I've the most recent version... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Pro - Mac (Forum) by Anthony on Thu, Aug 12 2010
  • Capture Error

    Hey everyone, im a student at college and have been using avid for a while now! I am editing on a macbook pro, and am trying to capture to a external hard drive. When i click the video and audio icons on the capture tool, i get the message 'Exeption: Operation not supported, Filename: Creating 1'... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Pro - Mac (Forum) by Chris_Bartlett on Fri, Jan 2 2009
  • INIT_FAILED error, resulting in P2 audio import failure

    While importing P2 material from a Firewire drive, I've been receiving the following two error messages, in tandem, but please read the sequence of events below, because I've seen other discussions about these error messages on this forum, but none of them quite match the situation I'm in... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Pro - Mac (Forum) by Hypersquared on Tue, Sep 23 2008
  • Segmentation Fault

    could some one please tell me what the hell is "Segmentation Fault" in main thread at address oxbfffd340. This is the error message I get when I open my audiosuite in Xpress Pro v5.7 (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Pro - Mac (Forum) by lashone on Sat, May 10 2008
  • Problem re-linking PSD files to timeline

    we can re-link the new PSD files to the old ones, but it is only letting us do it ONE LAYER at a TIME. (which blows!) we have about 25 files, w/ about 6 layers each. anyone suggest a way that will re-connect all the layers at the same time, per psd file? when we try to do this it says "Error, cannot... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Pro - Mac (Forum) by stokesmm on Tue, Mar 18 2008
  • digidesign audio drivers

    I am tring to load avid exprss pro but i keep getting the error message that it cant install digidesign audio drivers. I press ok and it goes and installs everything else. When I try to start up the program it gets stuck on audio setup and freezes up. I went to digidesign website and downloaded the drivers... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Pro - Mac (Forum) by XCHC2006 on Tue, Mar 18 2008
  • Trying to Output an OMF and Avid Quits

    Hi there, Have been trying all evening to export an OMF of a 22ish minute show. I'm running Avid Xpress Pro 5.7.1 on a Power Mac 2x3 GHz Dual-Core Xeon with 2GB 667 MHx DDR FB-DIMM. My process is as follows: duplicate the locked sequence, put into a separate bin, delete the video tracks, consolidate... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Pro - Mac (Forum) by amy on Tue, Mar 18 2008
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