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  • Avid DVD Error

    Hi Trying in vain (once again) to get Avid DVD to work. It really does seem to be the most appalling piece of software - every time a different error. Anyway, this one really has me stumped and no amount of me messing around seems to be achieving anything. Have to get a DVD burned and to a client over... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Studio - PC (Forum) by james4ihl on Fri, Oct 8 2010
  • advanced overlays

    Hi i am working in Avid DVD and it is the newest version. I am building a menu for a project and want to use a graphical representation of a hand in full color as the overlay in order to select the various menu options. However when i bring the overlay in to Avid DVD it will only let me have the shape... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Studio - PC (Forum) by ryguy on Mon, Mar 22 2010
  • Avid DVDit slideshow title breaks

    Heelo everyone. I've been checking this forums for a while now,but this is my first post. I'm trying to create some DVDs in DVDit, that will contain a slideshow comprised from 500 up to 850 pictures. I've actually created the slideshows,authored them,and made a copy to give to my friend who... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Studio - PC (Forum) by hunk_gr on Thu, Mar 11 2010

    I have a bizarre problem with DVD's I'm creating using AVID DVD 5.7. When I play back the disks it has been pausing the footage for about a second when it passes over one of the chapter points in the film. It's a single layer DVD-R so no layer issues and there were 18 chapters and it was... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Studio - PC (Forum) by Steven Lewis Simpson on Sat, Jan 30 2010

    Hi On a couple of ocasions I've created DVD projects and when opening them on another ocasion they have failed to open and Avid DVD just creates a new untitled project. This is beyond frustrating as it is rendering the software worthless as projects are too complex to lose or start from scratch each... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Studio - PC (Forum) by Steven Lewis Simpson on Mon, May 25 2009
  • Avid dvd question

    in Avid dvd what's the difference between Make dvd disc and Make dvd master? I'm trying to make a final dvd of a project and I was trying to use make dvd master on avid dvd but for some reason it doesn't read my dvd burner with that function so I did it by using Make dvd disc. It works fine... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Studio - PC (Forum) by Milco on Wed, Oct 8 2008
  • Sonic DVD Menu Button Selection Not Working

    Hi, I can't seem to get the "menu button" selection to work in Sonic DVD. I have been using the program for a couple of years and have never had this issue. After desiging my menu's and the various menu buttons when I simulate the DVD I cannot see my selections at all. All of the "selection"... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Studio - PC (Forum) by billy hill on Thu, Jul 10 2008
  • 720x480 widescreen problem

    Hey, I'm using Sonic.. I mean Avid DVD 5.7 with AXP 5.8. I'm pretty sharp with knowing my formats, frame rates, pix aspects, etc. I'm trying to import 720x480 widescreen dv into Avid DVD, but no matter what I do it incorrectly recognizes it as 4:3. Avid DVD seems pretty limited compared to... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Studio - PC (Forum) by Blackburst1 on Mon, May 5 2008

    Hi Editors: Thanks to excellent technical support from Avid, I was able to resolve the difficulties with the Avid DVD by Sonic application and Media Composer. I believe the solutions we were able to come up with should be posted as an essential sticky for proper use of this DVD authoring application... (read more)
    Posted to Avid Xpress Studio - PC (Forum) by Mark Job on Wed, Mar 26 2008
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