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  • Sat, Aug 28 2010 7:54 PM

    • stevejones
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    modifying a 23.98 sequence

    Has anyone else had a problem with this, it's been a bug since version 4 but i've never seen a posting here about it

    I online a series that was shot at 1080p 23.98

    It is offlined at 23.98 NTSC

    if i'm in a 23.98 project and i decompose the sequence and try to capture tape clips at hd it won't let me, says they're not hd clips, they're sd 23.98

    Fair enough, before version 4 i could just right click the sequence, modify it to 23.98 Hd and it would make a new hd version of the sequence and i could digitize that

    but since version 4 it gives me an error saying "the sequence is already in this format" and it won't make an hd sequence

    the only way i can get it to work is if i open it in a 23.98 ntsc project and modify it immediately

    if i toggle the project to hd and back before modifying it won't work

    Any thoughts ???

    also there has been an issue with imported clips in a 23.98 sequence going back to earlier versions

    if i modify it to hd it screws up most of the import filenames and misses most of them

    so i end up having to do a batch import before i modify to hd, then modify and do tape capture

    so now i have 2 sequences, one all imports and one all digitizes that i then have to manually combine

    Am i doing something wrong here? if so please let me know

    Thanks, Steve Jones

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  • Sat, Aug 28 2010 8:59 PM In reply to

    • John Moore
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    Re: modifying a 23.98 sequence

    Sounds like you have two things going on.   The main one about already in the format I've seen and the solution is to be in an SD project 23.98 and cut the problem sequence into it.  Now it sees it as an SD sequence needing to be modified.  You might be accomplishing the same thing with opening the sequence in an SD project and modifying it there.  I ran into this problem when I cut some SD footage into an HD timeline.  The import problem sounds like someone gave the imports a reel name and they are getting decomposed as if they were a tape source.  Not quite sure why it would change the import names bu perhaps its seeing several sources with the same reel name and linking to the first on with matching time code.  HTH.

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