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  • Sun, May 2 2010 7:42 PM

    • Boomtown
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    One Documentary coming up!

    Hi Forum  - I usually post on the Google Group for DS with my questions and stuff, but I thought it would be good to also let the Avid community know about our latest bit of work, all done on the DS:

    We've just finished cutting our first documentary, shot in the western 
    desert of Abu Dhabi, where we filmed, I kid you not, the annual Camel 
    Beauty Pageant. 

    Over 40 000 camels converged on the 'Empty Quarter' and I was part of 
    the film crew as well as offline and online editor. All cut on DS - 
    our first long form project, at half an hour. The director is a highly 
    creative dude and it's as unusually shot and cut as its subject 
    I'll upload it as soon as we're finished, which brings me to my 

    I haven't worked with DPX files before and want to make sure that I do 
    this correctly. We're going to print on 35mm and we'll be done grading 
    tonight, and I'm planning on taking a hard drive with DPX files back 
    to Dubai from Hamburg where I'll conform and finish on the DS and 
    output DPX files again for printing. 

    We're grading on Lustre at 2K. 


    1 - Complete grading on Lustre, then render and output RGB DPX 2K 
    files to a hard drive. 
    (Question - I know I need to keep the DPX files Logarithmic since 
    we're going to print, anyone know if I need to request a specific type 
    of DPX file?? Do I need a specific LUT?) 

    2 - Take the DPX files and put them in a folder called DPX in 
    Videostorage, then link to those files. They should play in real time 
    on the time line in a project with the same settings as the DPX files. 

    3 - Finish the pictures, stabilize, paint, etc... 

    4 - Export DPX files back out (Is there a specific setting I need to 

    5 - Send the files for printing. 

    This SEEMS simple enough, so where am I going wrong? 

    Thanks a lot for your help guys. 


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    • tonyjover
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    Re: One Documentary coming up!

    Hi Omar, I look forward to seeing this - it sounds somewhat special!

    Your basic workflow is correct, but I'll await one of the DI dudes to tell you of specifics.  Despite Avid marketing DS as a DI tool I've yet to complete a single DI project on it myself.


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    • GusC
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    Re: One Documentary coming up!


    Congrats on the Doc!

    To keep the files log files 'intact' as it bounces through DS after color, I was once told to select 'Printing Density' then "Create LUT" making sure the 'clamp' is off.  Then use whatever viewing LUTS are required to get it to display as you wish.  Then export using the same method.

    Don't forget to align your DPX's in the Videostorage folder!

  • Thu, May 6 2010 8:43 AM In reply to

    • Boomtown
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    Re: One Documentary coming up!

    Thanks Gus and Tony!

    Sorry about the late response but I've been rushing to get all the material prepped for my trip back! I've learned a fair bit about LOG files/LUTs over the past few days and your summaries are great summations of what can initially look like a complicated process. I'll keep everyone updated and post the film as soon as it's ready!


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    • dermot
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    Re: One Documentary coming up!

    The second film is a fair bit easier!

    Good luck, and enjoy the check print screening, sounds like it wil be beautiful

    Do you have a trailer online anywhere?


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  • Thu, May 6 2010 2:56 PM In reply to

    • Boomtown
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    Re: One Documentary coming up!

    Cheers Dermot!

    The film is looking really nice - there are some cracking shots in there. I'll keep you posted!


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