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  • Wed, Jun 10 2009 8:54 AM

    Provide More Information on Integrating ProTools w/ NLE Apps

    Avid owns the consensus best video editing and audio platforms. The reorganization of the company was designed to offer tighter integration across product lines and brands.

    While Media Composer and Symphony users cry about limited audio tools, many of them would (begrudingly) opt for adding ProTools to their systems--even if they are not going to perform true audio mixing and finishing.

    But Avid has yet to provide a clear presentation of EXACTLY how to integrate ProTools into an MC workflow. What version of ProTools is needed? What does it offer? What are all these different external boxes like MBox? Etc.

    I'm not really asking for piecemeal explanation of these ?'s, though that would be nice.

    What I am doing is saying that Avid is clearly not marketing ProTools effectively to its own NLE users. You have an audio product that should be able to meet the needs of your NLE customer base, yet ProTools is so poorly marketed and explained to us, that we often times use non-Avid audio solutions.

    In short we are a captive audio tool client base that you have chosen to keep captive by not improving MC and Symphony's audio tools nearly enough. But you fail to actually market and CLEARLY EXPLAIN how your audio tool products can benefit us.

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    Re: Provide More Information on Integrating ProTools w/ NLE Apps

    What I am doing is saying that Avid is clearly not marketing ProTools effectively to its own NLE users.

    Also, if one of us decides to investigate this, they will find that they cannot install PT on their Symphony systems. No explanation, but if you want more sound features, you can't have Symphony, apparently.

    Those that choose to install PT on their MC systems, will find that they will need to purcha$e the DV Toolkit to properly integrate PT in a video workflow, and that PT won't be able to use the audio side of their Avid hardware, but will need its own boxes with its own connectors.  Most of these boxes (there are a lot, in many many confusing flavors) will come with PTLE software, but the DV Toolkit is still a big added cost (1295 USD) to any of those setups. Digidesign appears to need to punish anyone with the audacity to want to work with timecode and video.

    This "interoperability" issue has been ignored since 1994, when Avid acquired Digidesign. For a short while, there was the Xpress Studio bundle. After that, we were back to square one. The current combo-install is only getting (some of) us back to the previous situation.

    IMHO, whatever comes next, needs to be a very, very convincing solution, not just a new explanantion of an ongoing situation.

    Sorry for the rant, but there's 15 years of neglected development to overcome in this matter.

    And one more thing: please don't think that improved "interoperability" with PT takes away the necessity to have more and better audio tools in Avid editors.

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    Re: Provide More Information on Integrating ProTools w/ NLE Apps

    They should make Pro Tools work with Final Cut Pro, that would really boost sales of Pro Tools.

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