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  • Tue, May 12 2009 2:18 PM

    Too many files in this workspace?

    Using Unity Medianet 5.0.1 with three XP fibre clients (MC).  I've got a workspace called Resources where we keep graphics, fonts and files commonly used every day in all our projects.  In Unity's admin tool the workspace currently has 11729 files although it's a very small workspace compared to other workspaces containing Avid media.  I remember reading somewhere on in this forum that a workspace shouldn't have more that 10000 this correct? I'm not experiencing any problems at the moment, need I be worried?

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    Re: Too many files in this workspace?

    Hey there CorneScheepers....

    What I do know is that due to the block size on the Unity Filesystem of 1024k, a file with the size 1 KB will actually take up 1024k (1MB) on the drive.  If the file is growing in size, it does not take up more space on the drive until it reaches the 1024k size.  Here is a good document to read as it outlines file sizes wtc...


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    Re: Too many files in this workspace?

    CorneScheepers, as far as i know the 11k+ in "one Partition" is fine as long as the files are separated by multiple directories.

    OMFI MediaFiles>

    1. Edit_Bay_1
    2. Edit_Bay_2
    3. Edit_Bay_3

    and so on.


    the number of files that can reside in a single directory is based on the Filesystem (Avidfs) ei. in my situation  i always keep it below 2k so it will scan media files faster for maintainance.

    You wont see any problem in the near future as long as your far from 500,000 files total inside your unity.



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  • Wed, May 13 2009 3:36 PM In reply to

    Re: Too many files in this workspace?

    Thanks for the replies everyone.  I'll check out the link Marianna, thanks.

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    Re: Too many files in this workspace?

    Modern Unity and Composer systems spread the files among folders AUTOMATICALLY.


    If you have too many files in the OMFI Media files/AVID1 folder,  it will make another folder called AVID1.1


    same goes for MXF folders.   The number of files varies in a folder varies between 2500 and 6000, depending on the particular rev of Composer.


    The 10K figure you are quoting is the folder count limitation,  and the 500K file limit mentioned is the file limit.   The two are a bit flexible, provided you don't top both numbers.   I've seen operating systems with 12K folders, but only 300K files,  so it doesn't go over what the metadata memory space can handle.


    It has been recommended however, that workspaces not go over 300 Gigs in size.   


    If you are manually screwing around with files counts, or these are not media files managed by a media composer, then you are asking for trouble on both accounts.



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