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  • Sat, Mar 22 2008 8:00 PM

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    New PC


    This question is for the people at Avid. I want to take advantage of the new lower priced MC. I plan to purchase a new system but I have a few questions before I buy.

     - I noticed that all the recommended qualified PC by Avid have been discontinued on the HP website. I know that I still can purchase a xw8400 through other companies like B&H but should I? or should I wait?

     - I know that Avid has not qualified the Vista OS, but will they do so in the near future? or should I be confident in using XP in the long run. I remenber that when XP came out Avid dropped the Win 2k support.

    Thank you,


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    Re: New PC

    Vista is not supported right now, and there won't be a date given by Avid as to when it will supported because things can always change.  May be tomorrow, may be in a few years.  Who knows?  If you need the system today, buy what's working today.  Upgrade to Vista when it's supported.

    After all, if the version of Avid you want to run will run now on XP, that version will run on XP 20 years from now if you computer is still alive and kicking.

    And HP has discontinued the 8400?. That sucks.



  • Sun, Mar 23 2008 6:34 AM In reply to

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    Re: New PC

    Don't get an old HP...waste of money.  You don't even have to get HP...but definitely do not try Vista.  It will be awhile before XP is not supported....Windows XP was not all that different than  Windows 2000.  But Vista is another animal.  I'll probably go MAC before I ever buy Vista....and I've been using Windows since DOS v5 and Windows 3.1.

    On the new system, if you need to buy now, just buy smart....for example:

    1) Only purchase a system with Intel Xeon Processors, and as Avid is NOT multi-threaded now, get the highest GHz speed you can.  There are different flavors of dual-core, quad-core, etc.  But just bear in mind that much of your Avid processing will be done by one core on one of those a 2.6GHz dual core might perform close to the same as a 2.6GHz quad-core (if those speeds even exist and only apply that to Avid).  And again, Xeon - no other flavor.

    2) Only get an nVidia graphics card, and not a low end model.  Pay the extra for a nice Quadro FX card, and I'd get a minimum of 256MB of RAM on it, buying a card with 512MB would be safer for long term however.  In fact, that might should be a minimum spec for a new system.

    3) Get a nice RAID controller.  Don't try to run everything off a couple drives via an integrated controller.  Run your OS and apps on one drive, and then have 3 drives striped in a RAID set for the OMFI Media Files folder (that is NOT a requirement for DV25 stuff).

    4) Avoid compact workstations as they usually sacrifice the amount of PCI and firewire buses on the motherboard.  Also, if you expect to access external firewire drives and use a Mojo you'll probably have to get an additional firewire card.

    Others might disagree with some of what I've said, but I'm cutting my third feature on an "unqualified" Dell 690 workstation with a SINGLE Intel Xeon processor.  I questioned Avid on always saying you have to have a dual processor really don't have to.  If you have the cash, sure...but I decided to save the money until I really needed the second processor.

    It isn't a conspiracy theory from Avid, it is just impossible for them to test every PC setup under the sun.  So they chose HP (probably over a game of golf with executives) and there you go.  But hardware is hardware...just don't try and skimp.  Go with the big names (adaptec, Intel, nVidia) and their nice models when configuring your new Dell or HP.  Also...Dell has KILLER deals on workstations in their scratch and dent area.  Saved me $2000 on mine.

    Hope that helps! =)

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    kyler boudreau |



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