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  • Sat, Sep 30 2006 12:19 AM

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    nested clip is crashing MAC and PC systems upon render

    For the show I am working on I have to build tournament brackets. I made an effect where the text follows each bracket. There are multiple brackets in the tree. I created a nest for each bracket wherein each nest consists of the graphic from Photoshop and a Title Tool title. Both of those tracks have keyframes set to move them and match the movement. There are about 10-12 brackets so now I have 10-12 nests in this bracket sequence. I nested all those again so that on my master sequence I will have one track for all the brackets and another track for the background which does not have any effects to match the brackets and titles. I then layed down the bracket sequence into the show's primary sequence.

    When the show was ready to be rendered, I highlighed all the tracks and marked in and out points and right clicked to select "Render In to Out." Avid then crashed immediately even before the dialog box comes up that tells you how many effects there are to render and to which drive to render them to. I didn't even see it. I got the multi-colored circle. The software is Media Composer 2.6 on a dual 2.0ghz G5 running OS X 10.4.7. There was plenty of storage space remaining.

    I then took the show to my producer's house to see if it would render on his system. He has a Windows XP based Dell laptop that is on Avid's compatibility list. He has Express Pro 4.6 and it did the same thing on his system. It crashed even before the dialog box came up.

    I took out those brackets and BAM...all was back to normal. Why would these brackets cause both Macintosh and Windows based systems to crash? Don't we have unlimited nesting?

    I can't post an example yet because the show has not aired yet and the brackets give away the results of the tournament. I thought about changing the titles but I am a little tired now from all the frustration and having to re-create much simpler brackets in the last minute to meet the deadline.
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    Re: nested clip is crashing MAC and PC systems upon render

    Can you Step-In and render internal tracks?
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