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  • Wed, Feb 19 2020 9:40 PM

    Move Project From Premier Pro to Avid?

    Need advice on a workflow. A feature film edit is half done, producers are not happy with the edit so now we need to pick up the project and finish it. Its a Premier Pro project, we use Avid. Any thought on how to move / convert the project?

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    Re: Move Project From Premier Pro to Avid?

    Because of the way the two systems handle metadata, it's not easy.  (The other way is far easier but still a pain.)


    If you're far into the project, or have anything other than simple, simple timelines, consider getting a Premiere Pro license and finishing on that platform.


    Some folks have luck using Resolve as an intermediary.  But either way prepare to spend a lot of time relinking media.


    Here are Adobe's instructions:

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    Re: Move Project From Premier Pro to Avid?

    I've had to do this a number of times (and the other way as well). As mentioned, it's not automatic. You can source browse all of the sources into AVID, import the AAF, then relink manually using "Selected Items in Bins," or you can try to start with importing the AAF, then relinking the associated clips it creates in the bin (may need to change the bin display to view sources). Make sure you are using AVID 2019.12 for this because it fixes the bug that wouldn't allow you to "Relink Linked Media."

    Audio is always the biggest difficulty in my experience, and sometimes clip durations are off preventing relinking. Since you are recutting anyway, you only really need the Premiere edit as a template, and I'd imagine you'd want a kindof "do-over" with all of the material anyway. If it was second-system audio, that will be a chore as well.

    I say give it a go as I explained, and if it looks like there we be a lot of manual relinking, try the Resolve intermediary method.

    Good luck,


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    Re: Move Project From Premier Pro to Avid?

    Pretty much as the others have said. I've always found the tim and effort and unexpected clitches caused later down the workflow just make it a non starter.

    Stick the to system its started in.

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