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  • Tue, Apr 23 2019 2:32 PM

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    Coming soon: New Avid MC interface (interview at NAB2019)

    Hi everyone. I know you're curious about the new Media Composer being released soon. Many of you saw it has a new "paneled" user interface, a new color palette and other features. Obviously everyone's worried how thoughtful it will be towards their needs. What will this new design do to projects? To workflows? Can those colors be muted?!? (Haha.)

    Not to worry. Hopefully this video will put a lot of your worries to ease. Recently at NAB'19, I got the opportunity to record a fun, "fact or fiction" style interview with the head Product Designer for MC.

    Here it is: - You can also see it (with comments) on the Avid Editors of Facebook.

    In addition, I'm lucky to be part of the many professional editors out there who are on the BETA testing team. We are pro editors volunteering for this, while we're working on docs, on network TV shows, on commercials, on news, on Netflix deliveries... Avid has certainly reached out to a diverse group. I can tell you the process is great. For months, we've been getting new versions to test constantly. Sometimes weekly or less. We report back what seems to be working and what isn't. Then Avid's whole MC team of engineers and app designers review the feedback and triage the issue(s). We get the next version to test, and so on. Each new BETA version has been better and better. Frankly I've been amazed how quickly everything is able to be implemented. 

    There are a LOT of people involved, helping Avid get this one right. Also there have been 3 constant themes in this process: 

    1) None of us (neither Avid's staff nor us editors) want this to be like the initial launch of FCPX. Everyone is working hard to make this great, right away. And each release after it will include more and more features, based on the overall feedback from the Avid Community. 

    2) If users are too busy right now to play around with a new user interface, that's fine. You won't be left in the dust. Avid is intentionally going to keep development going on the December (2018.12) version, until users get a chance to test the 2019 version. So for a while, there will be TWO versions of MC considered "new and current" - 2018.12.x and 2019.x.

    3) Everyone who uses MC has been asking for YEARS for a redesign. This is it. Code-wise, there will be no physical way to "shut off" the new interface, however if users wish, they will indeed be able to go through and make everything look very similar to the old way... and then they can slowly integrate one new interface idea at a time. (This is what I did on one of the BETA versions and it worked great.)

    When it comes out, IT IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. So the same way you sit down in a new car and have to get used to it, set aside time for yourself. But I promise, you'll only need 20-30 minutes inside of the interface before you get comfortable. After that you can start to create Workspaces for your old ways and your new ones. 

    They not only brought our beloved app into this century, but they've rewritten lots of that decades-old code underneath it. As a result:
    - The timeline interactions are SO fast now. 
    - The playback engine is now SO much more responsive to interface clicks.
    - You can even change things like the timeline track colors using the OS's own color picker!!!

    I've been sitting here, using my 25-year muscle memory, and just flying... amazed at how fast I'm working. I hope you find the same.

    Camera credit: Randall L. Rike.

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    Re: Coming soon: New Avid MC interface (interview at NAB2019)

    Live News reports from War zones have better audio. NoAngry



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    Re: Coming soon: New Avid MC interface (interview at NAB2019)

    I don't know if this comment is in anyway applicable, due to the time frame, estimated release date, development cycle or architectual posibilities within the code of the new version but I would like (you) to provide the developers the following feedback.

    For years, no decades, the user settings, site settings, site attributes, MCState have been causing issues when upgrading MC and it requires little immagination that the new UI could add extra complexity to the upgrade process.

    Will Avid with this introduction of new UI by default 'reset' and apply the default settings in the new version or will an import/migration with validity verification of these settings be done so the upgrade process is as smooth as possible?

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    Re: Coming soon: New Avid MC interface (interview at NAB2019)

    Pixel Monkey:
    3) Everyone who uses MC has been asking for YEARS for a redesign.

    I remember when the Conmand Palette, (nedessary to re-do new User Settings), would “Float”. At some point in the past few version/years, it would Hide behind Composer or Timeline... very frustrating. Did you notice in the new UI, if the Command Palette returned to a Floating tool? Thanks for the update from NAB. 

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    Re: Coming soon: New Avid MC interface (interview at NAB2019)


    Live News reports from War zones have better audio. NoAngry



    Geesh it was a inprompt to interview done at the show realtime.  This kind of comment makes people not want to do this stuff again.  



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    Re: Coming soon: New Avid MC interface (interview at NAB2019)

    People will never be happy and always find something to complain about. 


    Thank you for this video.  It was nice to get some more info on the upcoming release!

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