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    Our dear friend, Norman Hollyn

    Monday March 18, 2019. At around 8:00pm EST, everyone's phones began ringing and social media lit up with unbelievable news. Can this be true? No. Not Norman Hollyn. No we can't lose Norman.

    Absolute disbelief was the only thought on everyone's mind. Not Norman. Not someone who was so immortal with kindness and generosity, that we all simply knew he would outlive us. And yet the source was as appropriate and legit as could be - from ACE themselves - American Cinema Editors:

    "It is with profound sadness I announce the passing of ACE Member and beloved colleague Norman Hollyn, ACE. There are truly not enough words to pay tribute one of the most wonderful and talented humans I’ve had the honor to know. Norm was an admired film editor, honored professor, esteemed writer, film historian, world lecturer and a cherished friend. He passed away this weekend, while lecturing in Japan, from a coronary embolism and subsequent cardiac arrest. Memorial information will be available in a few weeks."

    He's one of those people who has a constant conversation with you. Meaning every time you see him or connect with him online or in email, you roll right back into whatever conversation you were last having. So much fun, and so engaging. Most folks may not have met him in person, but have certainly met online. We're all going to be stuck in neutral about this news for a while.

    Norman and I met a few times. The last was at a private Avid meeting in Vegas at Avid Connect. The subject of the meeting was to discuss how Media Composer could get a redesigned interface, and how that might look and operate. Norm wasn't at the meeting initially. Then about half way through, he had secretly rolled a chair up right behind me and asked a question of the group. Now... for those who know, there is NO mistaking his voice. I turned around and beamed a grin at him, which interrupted his train of thought in the form of a chuckle. After the meeting, I mentioned our little constant, playful argument - how "Lean Back Moments" were just as important as "Lean Forward Moments". He stared at me with that "Well go write your own dam book" smirk.

    Still in disbelief. 

    Do any of you have similar stories with Norman? 

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    Re: Our dear friend, Norman Hollyn

    15 years ago, April 4th, I had just started at Avid and crafted a list of 75 peeps that I wanted to talk to before starting out on my journey with the company. On that list where folks like Terry Curren, Wilson Chao, Oliver Peters... etc. and Norm Hollyn.  

    I called Norm and spent 1.5 hours talking to him about what Avid needed to do to become more customer driven and not company driven.  Like my talk with Terry, it was the best of conversations I had.  Norm felt that Avid needed a balance between the company and the customer as apposed to being company skewed.  He was spot on.  

    During my time at Avid, I have spoken to him hundreds of times with questions like "what should we do?", "how should this be implemented?", "whats the best way to handle ?" and each time he was able to push aside whatever he was doing and focus on what was being asked of him....  

    Later on, Norm was a valuable member of the Editors Advisory Counsel that guided Avid designers and engineers during the implementation of many of the features we know and love today.  He gave of his time, his knoweldge and his generosity, time after time.... and he always turned each situation into a learning moment.

    I had the peasure of seeing him a few times a year at the Eddies, NAB and a trip to LA or 2 ..... he was always there for bear hugs and smile.

    I am going to miss him terribly....  "Lean Forward Moments" peeps....  


    As Jeff Roscia, Avid CEO said on twitter today......

    All of us at @Avid are heartbroken and saddened to learn about the passing of one of our friends, someone we looked up to and listened to so carefully. Norman Hollyn, ACE will be sorely missed by us — and the community is dimmer now without him helping light our way. RIP Norm!"

    My heart is broken....




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    Re: Our dear friend, Norman Hollyn

    Hi Marianna,

    I remember running into Norman at the first time I attended EditFest in LA. He was the personification of what events like that are about: sharing experience, connecting young and experience talent, energizing those people that share the passion for the art and craft. Not just when he was on stage, but equally or perhaps even more during the breaks and getogethers. I don't think there was a single person that weekend that Norman did not connect with -- if he didn't already know them as a colleague or student.

    I ran into him in person at the Avid mixer before the 2017 Eddies ceremony. While I did not at all expect him to know who the hell I was, he sure did, and he and his wife were both so warm and welcoming.

    That remarkable energy of his was very present in his postings online, and also whenever he would take part in for example Terry's Editors Lounge panels (which I unfortuntely haven't been able to attend, but am so happy to have been able to watch online).

    I felt devastated when I read the news last night (it was night time here), and thought about the incredible amount of people whose lives Norman has touched. And I'm still heartbroken.

    Thanks for opening this thread, so that others can chime in with their stories. There must be thousands.




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