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  • Tue, Sep 11 2018 12:21 AM

    AMT3 File To File Copy Sample question


    This question has to do with clip names on created target assets using AMT3/MediaProcessor.

    I was wondering if there is a straightforward way to assign a new clip name for the target asset being created in a workflow that is similar to the File to File copy example?  

    The media parameters in the job definition allow you to set master/tape mob ids, tape name but no clip name.   The created asset inherits the clip name from the source asset  (makes sense since this is a COPY but...  I'd like to be able to assign a unique name).     It seems that the source metadata (AAF for FiletoFile and MAD for sample to File) drives the target asset clip name.  Is this the case?

    A workaround I came up with was to extract the MAD from the original source asset, edit this MAD for the original source to modify the material name with the desired new clip name, then create a new AAF file to use for the sourceAsset information in the job set up.  This seems like a lot of overhead to achieve a new clip name in the generated asset media and AAF.  (My workflow requires a new clip name)

    Maybe I am missing something in the job set up to create an Avid Master Clip?  I assume the Sample to File would have the MAD edited with the desired name, but when the source is an existing AAF file, it assumes the source Asset name.

    I apologize if a simple answer is escaping me.   All comments are welcome.

    Thanks in advance!





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