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  • Mon, Sep 10 2018 9:49 AM

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    ISampleProvider2 not working


    I am just starting out with the AMA SDK. I can get an MSP using the ISampleMapper working, but I would like to use ISampleProvider2 interface instead. I have supplied an AAF file as required, and offered both the IUncompressedImageProvider and IUncompressedAudioProvider interfaces. I have returned the correct bit in the result of IMediaContainer2::GetCapabilities, so the host is QI'ing for ISampleProvider and ISampleProvider2 correctly.

    The problem that whilst these interfaces are being acessed using a QI, the member funcitions are never being called?

    Media Composser opens my file type then displays Wrong Fromat in the clip viewer?

    I guess I might be using the wrong PictureEssenceCoding in the AAF file (as I can't think what else I might have wrong)? I've tried a numer of CDCI layouts using the info in the AMA_Signatures.xml file provided in the SDK docs, for example:

    <MediaDescriptorSignature signatureID="2765bc0e-d610-3779-8f34-606e4a00a14c">
    <AvidInfo> <ResolutionID>2125</ResolutionID> <CompressionName>1:1 (HD1080i)</CompressionName> <SignatureInputFile>445_bald-tattoo.jpg4AD63A42.mxf</SignatureInputFile> </AvidInfo>
    <VendorInfo> <CompressionName>1:1 (HD1080i)</CompressionName> </VendorInfo>
    <groups:CDCIDescriptor> <rp210:SampleRate> <types:Numerator>25</types:Numerator> <types:Denominator>1</types:Denominator> </rp210:SampleRate> <rp210:EssenceContainerLabel>060e2b34-0401-0101-0d01-03010205022a</rp210:EssenceContainerLabel> <rp210:FrameLayout>3</rp210:FrameLayout> <rp210:StoredWidth>1920</rp210:StoredWidth> <rp210:StoredHeight>1080</rp210:StoredHeight> <rp210:AspectRatio> <types:Numerator>16</types:Numerator> <types:Denominator>9</types:Denominator> </rp210:AspectRatio> <rp210:VideoLineMap> <rp210:Element>21</rp210:Element> <rp210:Element>584</rp210:Element> </rp210:VideoLineMap> <rp210:ImageStartOffset>6144</rp210:ImageStartOffset> <rp210:ImageAlignmentOffset>8192</rp210:ImageAlignmentOffset> <rp210:PictureEssenceCoding>060e2b34-0401-0101-0401-020100000000</rp210:PictureEssenceCoding> <rp210:ComponentDepth>8</rp210:ComponentDepth> <rp210:HorizontalSubsampling>2</rp210:HorizontalSubsampling> <rp210:VerticalSubsampling>1</rp210:VerticalSubsampling> <rp210:ColorSiting>4</rp210:ColorSiting> <rp210:ColorRange>225</rp210:ColorRange> <rp210:BlackRefLevel>16</rp210:BlackRefLevel> <rp210:WhiteReflevel>235</rp210:WhiteReflevel> </groups:CDCIDescriptor>

    Any help greatly appreciated.



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