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  • Thu, May 10 2018 9:53 PM

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    Uninstall left many old folders... Can delete them?

    So I just uninstalled MC 8.3.1 to go to 8.9.4 and there are a lot of old Avid related folders and settings within them that are still present. Additionally, I had had 5.5.5 on here and had done an uninstall of that before installing 8.3.1 and there are still things related to 5.5.5 on here that I see. (including an Avid FX 5.8 folder and Boris Continuum AVX 7.0 folder which were from the 5.5.5 install).

    But also all the MC settings files still exist like Site Settings, MCState etc... With those still there I don't feel like I wil get a brand new clean install. So can I delete all Avid related folders manually? I know my System ID etc...

    For reference, this is the history of my OS and MC upgrades:

    Mountain Lion Installed onto new SSD
    Avid MC 5.5.5 Installed
    Avid MC 5.5.5 Deactivated & Uninstalled
    Avid MC 8.3.1 Installed
    El Capitan upgrade Installed (10.11.6)
    Avid MC 8.3.1 Deactivated & Uninstalled

    I noticed the extra files left behind this time because there were two Uninstallers for MC in there, one of them presumablyfrom 5.5.5 as that one didn't work and has what I believe was the install date of 5.5.5



    EDIT: Since I had my System ID handy I went ahead and manually 'deleted' (moved them to another drive in case) all the Avid folders in various places and installed 8.9.4. Seems to be fine.

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    Re: Uninstall left many old folders... Can delete them?


    I suggest you delete them as they may over time cause issues.  One verison installed at a time is the motto.  The site settings and users setting you might want to keep as a lot of times people customize them and like to use them over.

    Since MC 5.5 used a different activation nomenclature - serial # and avid license conteol - where as MC 8.x uses the appman, it would behove you to remove everything old.


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