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  • Wed, Oct 11 2017 5:10 AM

    • jaygon
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    Short Cut for Freeze Frame?

    I need to create loads of still frames.

    Is there a short cut for the Freeze Frame function?

    Or a way to map it to the keyboard?

    Searched to no avail.


  • Wed, Oct 11 2017 9:01 AM In reply to

    • benholden
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    Re: Short Cut for Freeze Frame?

    Yes you can. 

    1) make sure a clip is loaded in the monitor window. 

    2) From the tool bar select Tools> Command Palette and leave it open.

    3) From settings tab scroll down to keyboard and double click to open it.

    you should now have the command palatte and keyboard both visiable on screen.

    4) Bottom right of Command Palette select 'menu to button' reassignment.

    5) Drag your cursor over the keyboard window and select your desired key you want to remap. The key you have selected will turn blue.

    6) (Depending on your version of MC, this location may differ) From the toolbar select Composer> Freeze Frame> and the desired time for the shortcut.

    7) The key you selected should now have your Freeze Frame shortcut mapped, along with a new symbol.


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  • Wed, Oct 11 2017 1:45 PM In reply to

    • jaygon
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    Re: Short Cut for Freeze Frame?

    Thanks a lot. That works well. But when troubleshooting this I had the idea to export my clip as still frames then re-import and set the duration to what I wanted, which was 12 frames, only to discover thta my minimum is 1 second. Is that right? Am I missing something there? Surely there must be a way to import stills and set the amount of frames you want.

    As useful as the above short cut is, it's way more taxing on the user than importing stills at the desired fps.

  • Thu, Oct 12 2017 5:39 PM In reply to

    Re: Short Cut for Freeze Frame?

    The durations are limited to full seconds, not frames. That could be a feature request.

    If you had a ton of stills, you could automate that process in After Effects and instead import 12-frame movies.

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    -- Kevin

  • Thu, Oct 12 2017 6:34 PM In reply to

    • Bruno M
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    Re: Short Cut for Freeze Frame?

    I'm not sure if you're creating these series of stills for some particular purpose, as using the freeze frame effect creates new media. If you're simply wanting a series of 12 frame stills on the timeline I would use the timewarp effect as follows...

    1) Create a timewarp effect with zero speed and save this template in a convenient bin.

    2) Create a timeline full of 12 frame clips of the media you want to freeze-frame, with the in-point of each clip set to the frame you want to freeze.

    3) Go into effects mode and select all the clips by lassoing across all the clips.

    4) Double-click the zero-speed timewarp template to apply this effect to all the clips.

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  • Thu, Oct 12 2017 6:49 PM In reply to

    Re: Short Cut for Freeze Frame?

    Here is a powerful workaroud, but it's advanced:

    (I use this for easy access to a variety of temp Titlles & Photos, etc. I may need during offline editing)

    Import Photos or create all your freeze frames at 1 second (or more),

    Keep clips organized sequentially in bin, then

    GroupClip them all by Inpoint (since all are brand new, without Mark-ins, they will be Grouped at Start of each clip),

    Edit that GroupClip onto a timeline, creating a Sequence, then

    Place a 0% timewarp on the GroupClip on V1,

    Because of that 0% Timewarp FX, you can now

    Trim your Sequence Forward to any longer duration beyond 12 frames that you want,

    Copy this Sequence to a bin.

    Place that Sequence in source monitor to edit from it into a new timeline.

    Go to start of new timeline,

    Using NUMERIC KEYPAD, Type 12 and press Enter to jump ahead 12 frames,

    Press Add-Edit, then press UP arrow to reveal the NEXT IN GROUP, i.e. the next freeze frame or Photo in the GroupClip.

    REPEAT the 12 frame advance by pressing Enter key on Numeric keypad, then UP Arrow again, on and on.... 

    Something like that.... good luck!

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    • jaygon
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    Re: Short Cut for Freeze Frame?

    Thanks one & all.....very helpful

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