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  • Fri, Sep 22 2017 6:49 AM

    Playback Issue in Green Timeline Setting 8.9.1

    Hey all,

    I've been living in 7.0.x world and recently upgraded to 8.9.1 and found an issue I'm hoping someone has resolved. When I have the Green quality selected in the timeline I get a small stutter at the start of playing any clip from source or record window. After pressing play a second later a frame or two is dropped and then the media plays correctly. Once playback is stopped or pasued, the behavior repeats when anything is played again. There are no yellow or red marks on the timeline and this occurs when media is on an external drive or on the internal SSD. The audio plays continously over the stutter. The media is dnx36 at true 24 and I'm using a mojo dx through a thunderbolt adapter on an i7 Imac to playback to a client monitor at true 24p. The stutter does not happen in the green/yellow setting and I never saw it on any version of Media Composer 7.

    Anyone seen this before or have an idea of how to resolve it? I can work on my own in lower quality but will need something better when working with others.


  • Sat, Sep 23 2017 11:16 PM In reply to

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    Re: Playback Issue in Green Timeline Setting 8.9.1

    Are you using an IO card such as BM or AJA?


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  • Mon, Sep 25 2017 10:09 PM In reply to

    Re: Playback Issue in Green Timeline Setting 8.9.1

    Hey Jef,

    I'm working with a Mojo DX that's connected through a thunderbolt adapter to an i7 27 inch iMac. I have an aja T-Tap that I'm going to try later this week to see if it's the Mojo that's causing the issue. I'll report back but would much prefer to run through the Mojo instead of the T-Tap.


  • Mon, Sep 25 2017 11:03 PM In reply to

    Re: Playback Issue in Green Timeline Setting 8.9.1


    So for an update - the T-tap did not exhibit the same behavior with the dropped frame 1 second after playing. It did have a small stutter or tear right when a clip or timeline was played but that was not nearly as bothersome and played correctly afterwards. I've found the same behavior with the Mojo in 29.97 material encoded at dnx145. The only questionable connection in my hardware chain would be from my thunderbolt to express card adapter which is how I connect to the Mojo. I'm using the same brand that makes the offical mojo thunderbolt adapter now - Sonnet.

    if anyone else is using an iMac to Mojo DX with the avid thunderbolt adapter or the Sonnet one, I'd love to hear if you're having this same playback issue on full quality. If you're not, I may have to buy one to have proper fuctionality.


  • Fri, Sep 29 2017 10:55 PM In reply to

    Re: Playback Issue in Green Timeline Setting 8.9.1

    For anyone interested:

    I got the Sonnet DX adapter and this playback issue is gone. Glad to know it wasn't a software bug at least.


  • Sat, Sep 30 2017 6:11 AM In reply to

    Re: Playback Issue in Green Timeline Setting 8.9.1

    Sigh. So while it's improved there still is a small stutter/delay at a half second after pressing play especially in the source window. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but I have not seen it when working with version 7 and the same setup. I will upgrade to 8.9.2 but I doubt this will solve the problem. It's very subtle but frustrating. I might have to use the T-tap until this is figured out.

    UPDATE: Not sure if 8.9.2 is the solution or if my system was just acting up prior but I've now got no issues with playback on the Mojo DX at full quality through the Sonnet DX adapter. Hopefully it remains that way.


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