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  • Sun, Sep 10 2017 3:50 AM

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    Fluid Morph 4K within Frame Flex'ed HD frame?


    Long-time MC user, but I started a project in, ahem, Premiere.  Director shot 4K, plus HD proxies; I've been cutting between them, in an HD timeline, with 4K at 100% size and, therefore, effectively "zoomed in" (tight) and HD at 100% size and effectively a wide shot (there's probably industry shorthand for that by now!).  This has worked well for the most part, but I've got several quick cuts where going between the HD/wide and 4K/tight would be jarring (and I have no useful b-roll to cover).  My hope was to keep these adjacent shots as either all 4K or all HD, and disguise the cut by using Premiere's version of Fluid Morph (they call it Morph Cut).  However, it is not nearly as good as Fluid Morph in MC.  So, my plan is to somehow get the Premiere sequence into MC and do Fluid Morphs.  *However*, in many of the cuts, the subject is gesticulating, and hand movements usually throw off Fluid Morph.  So, I thought that, in those instances, I could use the 4K footage at 100% size via Frame Flex to get past the subject's hands, and *then* do the Fluid Morph.

    Before I pay for the version of MC that offers Frame Flex and 4K, I just wanted to see if anyone knows if the above is possible:  Frame Flex on a 4K shot to effectively make it blown-up in an HD timeline, then apply Fluid Morphs between the cuts.




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    Re: Fluid Morph 4K within Frame Flex'ed HD frame?


    For a variety of reasons, I would do the following in Avid:

    Frameflex the material to the size you think will work.

    Do a Mixdown both shots with sufficent handle to fiddle.

    Do the Fluid Morph.

    Mixdown the final.  Send back to Premiere.

    Not saying that you HAVE to mixdown the Frameflex, it is just that it will simplify the process and speed up the tweaking that is always involved in this dance.

    Good luck,


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