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  • Sat, Aug 12 2017 4:38 PM

    • BenoitM
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    How do pro editors usually deal with 30p phone footage in PAL world ?

    When including footage from a phone (usually 30p) in a project in the PAL side of the world (25p or 25i) - and this is becoming more and more common I reckon, in certain types of projects at least-, I found that the default motion adapter (120%) results in irregular pan or other movement rendering (brute force frame skipping), while fluidmotion requires sometimes astronomic render times and often manual fine tuning of vectors (depending on scene content).
    So I wonder how pro editors deal with this ? Or is it so that in some cases (broadcast), hardware framerate conversion tools are used instead ? Just curious...

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    • Martin Fox
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    Re: How do pro editors usually deal with 30p phone footage in PAL world ?

    I mostly use phone footage at 25fps in a 25 fps project and accept the slight slow mo.

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    Re: How do pro editors usually deal with 30p phone footage in PAL world ?

    The jumps are more likely to be due to the variable frame rate that the phone captures at.  Depending on how eratic the frame rate is there may be no practical way to get rid of that problem.  However when I've had to do this in the past I've set up a batch job using slowmoVideo on a spare PC.  Alternatively, if it's only a few I've used AE to change the speed.  Haven't had to do it recently though.

    I also recall once importing 30 fps media into an AE project and exporting it as 24, then dealing with the 24 fps media as 25 with a fair degree of success.  In that case we had to integrate a bunch of establishers shot at 30 fps in LA into a local 25 fps project.  I don't recall the full details, I just know that we got it to work, but that it was a pain to do.  Because there was no sync to worry about, in the end it worked really well.

    Of course all the above totally ignores the sound.  That's a whole new ballgame.

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