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  • Thu, Mar 9 2017 2:32 AM

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    Colour on linking completely different between versions

    OK so today I had to go back to a project that was finalised in May last year. All the media was still online so no re-linking required. This was a multicam project with a video mixdown. Trouble was the timeline no longer looked anything like the video mixdown.

    The XAVC-L footage from a PXW-X70 had originallly need a LUT to correct it - but now with the LUT applied the footage was compressed - adding a Levels scaling to fullrange before the LUT seemed to make it nearly the same as the original (comparing with the mixdown). Without the levels scaling and the LUT the footage looked pretty much correct (level's wise - there were some more subtle adjustments in the lut). Meaning that originally when linked it was incorrect.

    The same thing applied to AVCHD footage from an FS700 and GH4 - originally Avid incorrectly interpreted this footage as full range and compressed it to 709 which meant you had to apply either a LUT or the levels scaling to correct it for 709. This is something I have always noticed from the FS700 and Avid. So I'm not really complaining that Avid now has it working correctly (only why did it take so long). It seems Avid was previously just ignoring the metadata the camera supplied.

    But why does setting whether a clip has REC709 levels or full range levels in the source colour space have zero effect that I can see? Surely this should expand and contract the levels accordingly to match whatever space you're in (I normally work in YCrCb 709)

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    Can we go back to the way audio nodes used to be selected? Please? ie if you have audio nodes at the same time on selected tracks; then selecting 1 audio node selects them all at that time. Having to shift select nodes or add an in and out is time consuming and counter productive. At least make it an option.

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    Re: Colour on linking completely different between versions

    Trying to track down a similar problem.  What were the two versions involved?



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