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  • Mon, Sep 14 2015 9:58 AM

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    Avid Application Manger doesnt work



    The application manger is useless, even downloading the installer from the download centre doesnt work as expected. Throwing up random errors one after the other.


    Avid support gave me a list of files and folders to delete to cure teh problem, surprise surpsrise this didnt work either and was quite frankly ridiculous given i have 35 systmes to upgrade.


    Dont ask me how but finally after rebotting, logging in and out, delteign and reinstallign i have one system of MC 8.4.1 running, although only on trial because apparntly the activation server can not be reached.


    If this while process wasnt so ridiculous id be furious, but after ten years of workign with Avid and Media Composer i have to say it is par for the course and i am genuinely not surprised.


    Congratulations i youhave been able to upgrade with no problems. I certainly havent

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    Re: Avid Application Manger doesnt work

    Have to say  I've always found the Mac Avid experience is more problematic than the PC one.

    That said I have a number of Macs here and they upgrade without issue.

    Generally I'm making sure I uninstall all the old Avid software and then restart. Then install with a full installer.

    That normally works fine. Making sure the OS is correct is important as thats the easiest thing to get wrong.

     The installers for Mac and PC are tested on PC's and Macs by the internal Avid staff, then beta testers, then moderators any issues are then dealt with before it goes out to the public.

    So for the most part "Normal" Mac installs should behave as they ahve for all those testers.

    I can only imagine something on that machine or your setup is causing an issue. And the support suggestions will have been to try and help resolve that issue. Thats not an expectation that all Mac installers will need to jump through those hoops to get a successful install.

    It could be just one rouge machine you have (I'd test install on a few more) or it could be something else in your setup that hasn't been part of everyone elses testing experience.

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