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  • Thu, Aug 6 2015 8:48 AM

    Bad Network Locator paths in AAF for assets checked in to Interplay


    Using the follwoing configuration:

    Avid ISIS client  v

    Avid Service Framework  v1.8.0.40

    Media Composer v 8.2.3

    Avid Interplay v3.1.0.43225

    A new master clip is imported into Media Composer which has connected to Interplay as a different user to that used by the ISIS Client manager. 

    The Master clip is checked into Interplay.

    If the AAF for that Master is retrievied from Interplay, for example using Web Services (GetLatest), then the resulting AAF has invalid Ntetwork Locator paths, of the form //UNAVAILABLE/1234/file.mxf.

    If the Interplay user and the ISIS connection user are the same, then the network locators in the AAF are correct.

    Is this a bug?  It seems to have started happening for installations where Media Composer version after 8.0, although direct export of the AAF from Media Caomposer always gets the path correct, which suggests something relating to the Interplay framework?






  • Fri, Aug 7 2015 4:02 PM In reply to

    Re: Bad Network Locator paths in AAF for assets checked in to Interplay

    Interesting. I would like to verify this at a customer of mine.

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    Re: Bad Network Locator paths in AAF for assets checked in to Interplay

    I have come across this "//UNAVAILABLE/" when looking at file properties using the object inspector in Interplay Access for audio clips which were showing offline after a sequence was checked back in to Interplay from ProTools session on a Mac Pro.

    The ProTools users were attempting to reload the sequence in ProTools to confirm the checkin but received errors that clips were offline in this "UNAVAILABLE" location. At the time I did not check if Media Composer (on Windows 7 64) had the same issue.

    I checked manually if the mxf files were written and existed on the ISIS workspace directory and they did. When I manually selected "Update Status from Media Indexer" from within Interplay Access (on a Windows system) the "//UNAVAILABLE/6000/" file location changed to the correct location and the clip showed green online. 

    At this point I went to a Media Composer system and successfully loaded the sequence.

    I haven't had time to try to reproduce this to see if it always happens or just occurred this one time.

    Perhaps this will help your situation?


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