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  • Thu, Jun 4 2015 9:13 PM

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    Music Video, RED footage - Workflow?

    So here's the deal. I have Red footage, most of it shot in 4K (1,9.1), but some in 3K. I don't think we'll need the final video in 4K, it will probably end up in 2K. I have about 1,3GB of Red-footage. 

    I have AMA-linked all the footage into Avid, and my computer is working big time now transcoding offline versions of all the takes (I chose LB 1/16th quality if anyone wants to know).

    My question is, should I transcode everything into 2K as well (or whatever we choose the final result to be), or could I just relink the offline clips to the AMA-linked files later when I want to export the final version or send it to grading or whatever?

    Anything else I should think about in advance of the editing? I've made sure -not- to change the frame rate of the transcoded clips (saw some tutorial saying this would be problematic when relinking even though all my footage is 25p).

    Mind I've never worked with an offline/online workflow before, so any advice as stupid it may seem is very welcome. I've watched a lot of tutorials and read up on it, but I guess I won't get too confident until I actually have done it a few times. 


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    Re: Music Video, RED footage - Workflow?

    How do you plkan to grade the final online content? resolve?

    I would transcode the finsihing media until you have a final sequence. Just relink back to the AMA and send to the grade. You maynot even need to make finsihing media in Avid if Resolve is used to grade.

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