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  • Fri, Mar 13 2015 11:42 PM

    Why is setting a tapename still such a pain

    OK here we are, 2015.

    Yes, I want to set another tapename. Yes I am sure. Really. Truly. Oh, I clicked wrong. Again. Yes, I want to set another tapename. Yes I am sure. Really. Truly.

    Why does it have to be this way? OK buttons jumping just a tiny bit to the left? Multiple confirmations? I made more mistakes trying to get this *** thing to change tapenames (and I am talking about around a hundred at a time, file based workflow, no dupe detection without it) than in just accidentally changing a tapename.

    Sorry for the rant, but after a while it gets odd. I wrote a python script to do the clicks and tabs and copy paste and all that. Takes a while to get it right. Very error-prone. But still better than to jump through all these torturous silly hoops.


    Whishes: Dupe detection without tapename. Changing tapename by copy-pasting into the bin column. Maybe with a lock/unlock feature for safety. Macro editor. Wouldn´t it be great if there was a machine to do the repetitive stuff for me? One that I could tell what to do? Oh wait, it is sitting under my desk.

    i7 3.4 GHz | Asus HERO Z170 | 32GB Ram | Quadro k620 | Intensity Pro 4K | WIN7 64bit Pro [view my complete system specs]
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