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  • Sun, Jan 11 2015 12:45 AM

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    opting for mixed frame rate - am I going to regret it ?


    I have a canon HFG 10 PAL that supports 24P, 25P and 50i

    I have an opportunity to but a canon XA20 at a good price - but it is a "NTSC" camera - i.e it supports 59.94p, 59.94i,  29.97p 23.98p

    The PAL version (XA20-E) is significantly more expensive - and even though I live in a PAL country - is not available.

    I want to use both cameras and intercut between them and I'm wondering what the cost will be in terms of

    1) quality - yes Media Composer can work with these on the same timeline - but will there be visible artifacts (jerkyness or an extra frame or bluriness of a interpolated frame

    2) significant additional import/render time

    3) Can I set Avid to ignore the frame rate and just playback the media that doesn't match the timeline rate faster/slower - will this be noticable ?

    4) Is there another disadvantage I can't see ?

    5) Assuming I decide top buy the NTSC version - what frame rate should I use on the timeline for the best results - my - 50i or 59.94p ?

    What would you do (apart from find the extra money and import the XA20E) - or perhaps I should look for a different camera ?











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    Re: opting for mixed frame rate - am I going to regret it ?

    It is usually best to work in the delivery format from beginning to end. The exception is 23.98 which is sort of a universal format as it can be converted to 25 or 29.97 without too much objectionable artifacting.


    1: 23.94 to 25 isn't terrible. In MC you can promote the automatically applied motion and then change the type of motion effect it applies to see if you prefer one type over another.


    2: No additional import time unless you are talking about 24 to 30 in which case you are adding 20 % of time and storage to everything. Same goes for render.

    3: Yes, you can use a console command to ignore frame rate on import. You can also AMA mount and when cut into the timeline, promote the motion effect and set it fo 100%. If you aren't using sync sound, you can usually get away with these approaches just fine. 

    4: Certain shots work better with certain motion effect types. And there are some shhots that just never look quite right off speed. See my opening sentence above.

    5: It is much better to go from 24 or 25 to 30 than the other way around. Going from 30 to 25 or 24 means pulling frames and then either having jumpy footage or potential weird artifacts from artificially created new fields and frames.

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