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  • Tue, Dec 9 2014 3:17 PM

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    Fluid Stabilizer help

    I cannot find a tutorial showing how to use Fluid Stabilizer beyond dragging and dropping the effect on to the video clip and then letting it do it's own calculations. I'm not sure what the difference is because it usually does well with footage from mov files, but it NEVER gives me the results I need when applying to video clips that were originally mts files (usually with no visible results at all.) I need to know how to manually configure the parameters so that I can try to get Fuild Stabilizer to do what I want.

    One example is that Avid unnecessarily over-crops a handheld panning shot from one person to another person. The shot itself is not that shakey, and could pass without stabilization. But given that the rest of the shots were taken on tripod, I'd prefer to stabilize it. When I turn off auto-zoom and manually set it to a zoom completely appropriate for an area to stabilize the shot, I get black edges of the video frame during the pan. This happens with SteadyGlide enabled. 

    Is there any comprehensive tutorial on how to use Fluid Stabilizer to its fullest potential? Or, is there something inherent with mts video files that makes it impossible for Avid to handle them the same?

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    Re: Fluid Stabilizer help

    Is there any comprehensive tutorial on how to use Fluid Stabilizer to its fullest potential?

    Check out pg 310+ of Media Composer 6 Professionalb Effects and Compositing by David East. You might be able to sample some pages of your choice (?) on Amazon, otherwise its a very worthwhile manual on tracking and other fine points.

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    Re: Fluid Stabilizer help

    I use the stabilizer quite often, and I get pretty good results by:

    1) Run the Stabilizer & let it do its calculations; keep default SteadyGlide checked.
    2) Still in the Tracking Windows, reduce the Smooting Value to the smallest value that is compatible with the type of shake in your shot; in my case usually a value between 8 and 16 (for 25 fps projects, so 10 to 20 or so in 30 fps) is enough to filter out camera shake; larger values will not bring you anything except excessively smoothing pan or other wanted camera movt and hence, excessively crop your shot (and reduce sharpness).
    3) exit the Tracking Window
    4) un-check then re-check Auto-zoom; this is necessary for the Autostabilize to recalculate the minimum crop needed for the new Smoothing Value you've set ! In many cases, I end up with a modest 101 ou 102 Scaling, with a good balance between "good enough" filtering of cam shake, and preservation of wanted cam mvt and minimal crop.

    You will need to try & experiment different Smooting Values, and these may be different for different shots, there is no one-size-fits-all. But I reckon the default value of 50 is way too large (for my kind of shots & projects).

    I turn to BCC's Optical Stabilizer only when I need to stabilize shots with unwanted rotation and/or zoom in/out.


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