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    Copy & Pasting timecode - syncing methods

    Hi all,

    So I have another feature starting next year and have a new syncing workflow in mind, but it relies on one being able to copy and paste timecode from and to the source and record monitors (not bin columns ie. Mark IN).

    From searching and testing on multiple versions of Avid - this does not seem possible. Is this correct? If so, PLEASE could Avid add this feature?


    I have used various workflows for syncing rushes, and my preferred (hands down) is slightly cumbersome but also I find the most accurate and bullet-proof. All rushes from each shoot day (whether shot on one or multiple cameras) are strung out in one long sequence - in camera + tc order (so always shooting TOD timecode, all rushes for A camera laid out, immediately followed by all rushes for B camera etc). Then all sound rushes are put into on sequence in timecode order. Note this relies on productions which are shooting sync timecode between pciture and sound.

    I load up my sound rushes sequence in the source montior, and my picture rushes in my record monitor. I punch in the timecode from the record monitor v1 clip into the source montor, and insert the relevant audio, then slip the audio if necesarry to line up with the clapperboard clap. So I end up with one long sync sequence of the entire day's rushes, and make subclips from that. 

    I've used autosequence in the past, but find it a pain when some shots have been recorded at higher framerates (which can result in duplicate timecode across clips on eg. Red or Alexa shooting TOD timecode) and when multiple cameras have been used (duplicate timecode issue again). It also usually means each audio clip is laid out in it's entirety, whereas with my preferred method the audio is trimmed to the picture clip duration at the beginning, and so slipping the audio to line up with the clap is less hassle. 

    My new method would involve using a macro from an external app to take care of entering timecodes and inserting the audio clips (ie. tell it to copy record monitor v1 timecode, paste it into source monitor, mark in and out and insert into timeline).

    All I need to make this work is for Avid to include the ability to copy/paste timecode from a specified track  - any chance / ideas / workarounds? 

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