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  • Tue, Oct 14 2014 3:09 PM

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    Serious issue on AAF exports (Copy all media)

    I've noticed a serious issue with MC 8.1.  It is actually an old bug (present since 2.x) that I had the impression was fixed.  It certainly isn't working at the moment.  This might win the record of the longest standing bug ever :)

    The issue is that whenever you do an AAF export (Copy all media) with Convert Audio Format checked, and a conversion takes place (i.e. MXF->WAVE, WAVE->MXF etc), the media is actually consolidated with the handles specified if you switch over to Consolidate Media and switch back to Copy All Media.  This is certainly not the expected behaviour - it is a bug and quite a serious one at that - you export your sound expecting everything to be there and it isn't.  The conversion should happen at the master clip level, giving a new converted media the same length as the original.

    Steps to reproduce:

    i) Import a long sound clip (say 5min) with the format set to MXF in Audio Project.

    ii) Edit 1 second into a sequence.

    iii) Export this sequence as an AAF Copy all media, everything unchecked but convert Audio File Format, set to WAVE (OMF)

    iv) The bin contains a new sound item, .new.01, but the length is shorter than the original.

    v) Open the export window again, this time, momentarily switch to Consolidate and set the handles to 24 frames (in a 24p project) - switch back to Copy All media and reexport.

    vi) The bin contains a new sound item, .new.02, the length being 3sec rather the 5min of the original.


    Expected Result:

    Copy All Media should copy all media if the media is in the same format, and convert the full length of the media if this is not the case.


    Actual Result (MC 8.1 Mac)

    The media generated is consolidated, with the handles taken from the hidden text field "Handle Length", visible when the export method is set to Consolidate Media.


    Would be nice (slight understatement) if this could get fixed. It may be a regression issue if it was indeed fixed earlier, if not it is high time this was rectified (MC v2 dates from 2005, almost 10 years ago)


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  • Wed, Sep 12 2018 6:45 PM In reply to

    Re: Serious issue on AAF exports (Copy all media)

    Hoping to bump this topic back up - still a problem that needs a fix. We're on MC 8.8.2 4 years after this original post and having this same bug (and a very unhappy sound department). 

    Has Avid addressed this at all? Anyone have a fix if conversions are necessary for the AAF?


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