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  • Thu, Jun 6 2013 10:00 AM

    FilmScribe always crashes on 2nd preview?

    Having recently upgraded to MC 6.5.2, there's a new and very inconvenient issue with FilmScribe that never happened on versions 4 or 5.

    Having loaded a bin, drag a sequence, choose my settings, and click 'Preview' the first time - it works fine. No problems. Save the resulting XML, job done.

    But then when I click 'Preview' a second time, FilmScribe hangs, badly. It freezes utterly and the only way out is to use Task Manager to end it.

    It doesn't seem to matter what my settings are, whether I've closed and re-opened the preview window, which sequence I'm using, which tracks I'm using, anything like that... no matter what I do, every time I use FilmScribe I get to use it just once, then have to re-open it again if I want to do a second sequence. It's quite inconvenient.

    If anyone has any tips on whether this is a bug or if there's something I need to adjust, it would be great to know.



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