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  • Fri, Mar 22 2013 6:49 PM

    • Steve Kistner
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    Problems uninstalling MC 6.5x - Macbook Pro


    I'm (historically) not a mac guy, but trying to learn, & that means my corporate laptop is a Macbook Pro.  I'm very comfortable with Composer & ISIS & Interplay, but suspect I'm missing something basic in this scenario.

    I accidentially installed 6.5 Media Composer on my macbook pro (but never activated nor ran in trial mode).  I needed to run 6.03 for parity with our editors, & have a soft license that's appropriately blessed for 6.0x

    Ran the MC 6.5 provided uninstallation application (no reboot prompted, but did it anyway), followed by the 6.03 installer (reboot prompted).  License control accepts my registration code, but still lists 6.5 on screen. A bigger concern is that after accepting my registration, it kicks right back to the "choose-how-to-activate-your-software" screen, putting me squarely in One Infinite Loop.

    Apple System Profiler does not list MC 6.5 application or uninstaller, & I've tried uninstalling a second time. There are no apparant application folders left behind, but the license control screen is getting it's information from somewhere:

    I miss dongles


    License profile shows the following:

    System Information

    OS information: Mac OS X 10.8.2

    Product Information

    Avid Media Composer
    Device ID: Nothing to see here
    System ID:Nor Here
    Activation ID:Not here either
    License status:Activated
    License Type:Permanent


    So, I suspect I'm missing a kext I should trash or something specific - I have a case open with Avid, & they're thinking about it & will get back to me. My hope is someone else has been down this road & can point me in the correct direction. Any thoughts?

    Thanks as always,

    Steve Kistner
    Principal Systems Engineer
    NBC Universal - NBC TV Network & Media Works


    -- Steve

  • Fri, Mar 22 2013 7:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Problems uninstalling MC 6.5x - Macbook Pro

    I would deactivate again, and run the uninstaller.  Then trash the folder /Library/Application Support/Avid.  (Since this is where your plugins and effects are stored, you could also copy this folder to the desktop if you don't want to re-install AMA plugins, Avid FX, and BCC again).

    Then run the v6.0 installer.

    Just remember that the license codes are different for v6.0 and v6.5.  If you bought v6.5, you can't use that same code for v6.0.

    Once you get it running, be sure to download the latest version of MC v6.0.x from the Avid Download Center.

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    -- Kevin

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    • vpcmike
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    Re: Problems uninstalling MC 6.5x - Macbook Pro

    Unless you have a dongle, I believe that your license is only good for the version you purchased (you cannot go backwards like you can with a dongle).  Avid would have to downgrade your version in their records to give you an activation code that matches the verison you want, but then you cannot go back up easily.


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  • Mon, Mar 25 2013 7:20 PM In reply to

    • Steve Kistner
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    Re: Problems uninstalling MC 6.5x - Macbook Pro

    That put me on the right track.  Problem element was in Library\Application Support\Avid\SWL

    Oddly, uninstall / reinstall & licensing with MC 6.0 code from licensing department, the SWL folder is not shown.  Difference betweeen 6.5 & 6.0x?

    Understood the license code is different (one of the many things I miss about dongles is the easier versioning), but need my travel rig to maintain parity with the primary infrastructure.

    Thank you very much,

    - Steve

    -- Steve

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