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  • Tue, Jun 19 2012 5:09 PM

    Deko Credit Templates

    I am usung Deko version 8.2 and have only worked with existing templates to build credits.  I have built a template (or what I'd like to use for one), but when I try to use it, nothing goes to the rigth place.  In other words, I'll load the template into my program window and put a text document into the preview window.  I'm not interested in assigning keys or anything that fancy (unless I have to), because I'm dealing with multiple networks with mutliple looks and doing so could get problematic.  So if I could just triple click on a word from the preview window, copy it, and then triple click on the word I want it to replace on the program window (and paste)- that would be perfect. 

    When I do that very process, the word lands on a different line or bumps the word below it to a different line.  I just need them to land in the same place.  The names and the titles in these credits are different, so I would adjust that using the preset style commands (ideally).

    Any advice out there?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Deko Credit Templates

    It is a little difficult to understand exactly what the problem is from your description, but here are a few things to check.  First just to clarify, you are working on PostDeko not Deko.  Deko is in versions 5.x, PostDeko in versions 8.x.

    If you have a graphic with text in preview and want to copy portions to program you will, as you describe, select the section of text on preview, copy and paste it to program.  But the way the template on Program was created will determine whether the text will be in the same place on each.  A number of things can affect this:

    The size of the text font on Program

    Any change in the Width of the font

    Any change in Kerning or Leading

    Whether or not Word Wrap is enabled

    What Auto-scaling settings are (off, scale to fit, shrink to fit etc...)

    Whether Vertical Scrolling is selected (which it would be for a roll)

    The best way to fill in text for a roll from a document is to type the text, save as a .txt file, then "pop" the text into the roll .dko template.  But you will still need to work with the size, width make it work correctly for all possibilities.

    Are you already familiar with the settings listed above?  If not, you can download the latest Deko User's Guide (which is the guide for PostDeko as well) at:

    If you have further questions please post them and I or the rest of the Forum community will try to help.

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