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  • Fri, Aug 12 2011 12:27 PM

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    Relinking Media between omf and mxf projects

    Hi All


    I am sitting with an odd ball!


    We went off to Toronto and shot an event using xdcam. Came back to SA and ingested all the media obviously being mxf. Our offline editors system (quite old) could only see omf. So we changed the project to omf and consolidated 15:1 for her to cut with. Now that she's done she has sent us the edit but we cannot relink the edit to the mxf media. We have tried batch importing but taking forever. Any trips tricks I haven't thought of yet and why is the mxf media not relinking? Any help please. This is our first production with our new camera and after years of perfect post production in the sd betacm world with no hassles the HD world seems to be nightmarish.


    We are running xpress pro hd systems and offline editor probably ver 4 dvxpress. We have already opted to shoot SD with the new camera to try and alleviate any true hd problems as it is not required of us yet to submit in hd.

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    Re: Relinking Media between omf and mxf projects

    I presume the original MXF media is still online and available?

    And you can see it in the media tool?

    There should be no reason why the sequence won't relink. Avid doesn't care about it being MXF of OMF. It's just media.

    Are you still in the project with the same name as the original media? (have you tried selecting all projects in the relink options as well as all media resolutions?)


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    Re: Relinking Media between omf and mxf projects

    Pat's question are all good.  But I wonder if being on an older version of MC might be an issue.  Along the way in v5 and up, relinking got a little be more powerful.  Some more options.  A bit more friendly.

    Maybe a screen grab of the relink screen you are setting up might help us.


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