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  • Wed, Mar 2 2011 5:23 PM

    Canon H.264 workflows with AMA x 2! **VIDEO TUTORIALS LINKED**

    Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by!


    I shoot on a Canon 7D which created beautiful looking H.264 files. There are a few workflows out there, they often depend on storage and speed requirements, and as we all know speed is often of the essence and storage comes at a premium when you're working with HD file right? Big Smile


    Sometime I transcode straight to say DNxHD 185/175 or maybe 1:1 if I have:


    A: shot very little footage and shot 'for the edit'

    B: sub clipped all of the material using AMA prior to the transcode to DNXHD 185


    Here's a little video tutorial on how I might go about that:



    Sometimes though, I may have a higher shooting ratio, especially if I've shot 'guerilla' style with no plan (hey, wo hasn't been there!).


    In these cases I do not want to choke my hard drives with extraneous HD material, so I do this instaed:


    A. link to the clips via AMA

    B. transcode to DNXHD 35 (don't bother with anything less, say SD, as this gives a sweet image with little space required for an HD offline)

    C. edit a stunning piece!

    D. delete the DHXHD 35 media (yes, delete it! [or hide it])

    E. relink the sequence to the AMA clips again

    F. transcode the sequence only to DNXHD 175 for example


    Here's a little video on how to do that too:


    It's always good to bear in mind that each project you are working on may have a different workflow. If you can, plan ahead, if not, save some space, time and energy so you can make that super-looking awesome film or video using the best tools (IMHO) in the industry!


    Take care,


    Richard Bentley

    Avid Master Instructor, Media Composer : PS Consultant

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