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  • Tue, Nov 30 2010 3:55 AM

    • DLpres
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    Capturing 1080p/30

    Is Nitris DX supposed to be able to ingest 1080p/30 via HD-SDI? I couldn't find any literature on it, Avid support says it can, but my experience suggests otherwise. The same 1080p/29.97 signal that looked good on a Panasonic BT-LH1700 brought up nothing in the Symphony, and I got consumer: timeout errors. As soon as I switched the source (and project) to 720p/60, everything was fine.

    Symphony 4.0.5, capturing live (no deck control).


  • Tue, Nov 30 2010 11:25 AM In reply to

    • BobRusso
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    Re: Capturing 1080p/30

    It sounds like you're working with DVCProHD tape. If so I don't believe this technically records a true 29.97. It can record what Panasonic calls 1080/29.97p (over 59.94i) or 720/29.97p (over 59.94p).

    This is technically a 1080i/59.94 or 720p/59.94 HD-SDI signal with pulldown added and can be captured in this frame rate project. [view my complete system specs]

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  • Tue, Nov 30 2010 5:27 PM In reply to

    • DLpres
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    Re: Capturing 1080p/30

    Hi Bob,

    Sounds like PsF.  My source is actually true 1080p/29.97 - coming from a Doremi DVI/HD-SDI converter. I also got the same results using a Kona3 as a test signal generator, to make sure it's not a Doremi fluke.

    Reference was set to Internal.


  • Tue, Nov 30 2010 7:21 PM In reply to

    • Abeyta
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    Re: Capturing 1080p/30

    I have successfully captured 29.97psf from HDCAM tape to a Nitris DX so I know that works.

    Sounds like it could be the true 29.97 progressive signal that is giving the problems. Have you tried sending a true 29.97p (non psf) reference signal to the DX?

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  • Fri, Dec 3 2010 1:08 AM In reply to

    • John Moore
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    Re: Capturing 1080p/30

    I don't think Avid can output anything but Psf.  This info came from a chart I saw somewhere.  As far as I know all the Panny and Sony decks end up recording the signals Psf on tape.  I know the Nitris DX hardware only like Psf tri level sync.  Perhaps someone can confirm if Avid can do true progressive over HD-SDI.  I know I can import 23.976 progressive QT movies but the Avid probably turns that into some form of Psf internally, just guessing here.

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  • Fri, Dec 24 2010 9:41 PM In reply to

    • MichaelP
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    Re: Capturing 1080p/30

    Avid only supports PsF over HD-SDI and surprisingly over HDMI as well at thsi time. Allowing for a true P is in the backlog for a future release.



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