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    Re: Bringing Composer into the Real World of the 21st Century

    While I do not have any actual statistics on this, I have talked about it with our sales staff. We feel a sizable proportion of our upgrade sales are to people coming back to Avid. Keep in mind that anyone with an Xpress DV, Xpress pro or MC dongle could upgrade for $495. Add in the MXO2 Mini and for under $1,000 they've got a fantastic NLE with HD monitoring. Which, for MANY users was why they left for FCP in the first place.

    We still have a limited supply of upgrades we can keep selling at the $495 price. Once those sell out, we'll be at the new $695 upgrade price Sad



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    Re: Bringing Composer into the Real World of the 21st Century

    Larry Rubin:

    1) I just spent the better part of the weekend shopping around big box computer stores, looking for a reasonably priced computer that would qualify to run MC 5, instead of limping along on my totally unqualified HP laptop. Absolutely no go. Why? Not one single computer, HP, Dell or any other has a NVIDIA quadro card installed. What's more, all the NVIDIA cards for sale in the graphics card section were some flavor of GE Force or another. Again, NO QUADRO cards. Is Avid development and engineering even paying attention of what's going on in the computer retail world, especially as it pertains to available graphics cards? If quadro cards are on their way out, WHY DOESN'T AVID QUALIFY A CARD YOU CAN GET? It's crazy to think that to get a qualified graphics card, you would need to go to ebay to find a used one. Further, if Avid is really serious about capturing the prosumer and semi-pro editing markets, they need to loosen up their overly stringent system requirements and develop software that will run on the average, middle of the line computers ($1,000 to $2,000) that are now being sold. (I don't think it's realistic to ever expect a bargain basement computer to run this software, however.) It's ridiculous to have to spend anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 for a box that meets the current requirements which forces you into the expensive business platform environment, with what appears to be an outdated, soon to be end of life quadro card. Aren't the newest ATI radeon cards up to the task by now? It's time re-evaluate and bring those system requirements into the 21st century. Avid needs to pay closer attention to where the graphics card market currently is and where it is headed in the future. And that future does NOT appear to include NVIDIA quadro cards.

    2) Given the extremely tedious, confusing and convoluted Avid procedure for uninstalling MC software and the difficulties many users have experienced with it, I would like to see Avid develop an online software removal tool that the customer could use that will do all the uninstall steps for you. Nortons has this and it works very well indeed. Takes the burden off the customer and make his/her life easier.

    Hi Larry,

    Let me answer your questions one at a time. First, Question 1: Thanks for the feedback we appreciate it. I think I can help give you some insight to your concerns. Because Media Composer is used primarily in the professional market, and in many cases mission critical broadcast situations, we need to ensure that the peripherals that interact with our software are of the highest quality. We have very strong relationships with HP, Dell, NVidia and Apple and we are constantly working with these partners to ensure we deliver the high quality products for a favorable price for our customers. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes you cannot visit your local store and purchase some of the products you need to do your work, rather these products must be obtained directly though the partner or reseller. We are constantly working to make our products as flexible as possible so that they can work with a wider span of peripherals and devices, and in the future you will begin to see more support for more devices.

    Additionally, and specifically with regard to your comments on the Quadro cards from NVidia please know that we only publish the products that we test and approve that work properly with Media Composer. It is very likely that we have probably tested a device and it does not work, therefore we cannot support that device. With regard to ATI, we have been working closely with ATI and expect to support these cards in the future. Finally, Media Composer has tailored its performance to take advantage of GPU’s and CPU, this also may affect how many devices we can work with.

    On your second question, we are working on changing the Media Composer installers; we just released a new Mac Installer in Media Composer 5.0.3. Look for more changes to both the PC and Mac installer in the future. We realize this is a huge pain point for our customers and want to improve this in coming releases.



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    Re: Bringing Composer into the Real World of the 21st Century

    Kirk, thank you very much for your response.

    Kirk Arnold:
    With regard to ATI, we have been working closely with ATI and expect to support these cards in the future.

    I am very glad to hear that, and that will indeed be a major step forward to breaking the barrier I was referring to. My recent experience at Micro Center was that I could configure a middle of line HP or Dell that would meet every Avid system requirement EXCEPT the graphic card, so I would strongly encourage Avid to continue movements in that direction - - it could indeed be a major breakthrough into the prosumer and consumer hobbyist market.

    And thanks also for the encouraging words regarding an uninstaller tool. That will certainly be appreciated by a large contingent of the user base, myself included. 


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